QuickGrab Fragranced Dog Litter Disposal Bags 100ct


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On the Go Convenience

Long Lasting Odour Protection

Environmentally Friendly

Easy to Use and Portable

Dark-Coloured to Disguise Contents

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QuickGrab Fragranced Dog Litter Disposal Bags are the newest innovation to dog litter disposal.

It provides dog owners with a convenient, hygienic and economical way of disposing dog litter outdoors.

Not only are these disposal bags portable, they are also scented to neutralise unpleasant odours.

Moreover, these disposal bags are dark-coloured so they subtly disguises the contents and keeps dog litter out of sight until you get to a garbage bin to dispose of.

Simply grab a bag for a clean, no mess, simple method of picking up dog litter!

Each pack contains 100 individual disposal bags.

Features of QuickGrab Fragranced Dog Litter Disposal Bags:

On-the-Go Convenience
― Bags are specially packed such that they get dispensed one bag at a time, every time
― Easy to use and portable
― Dark-coloured to disguise contents and keep litter out of sight

Long Lasting Odour Protection
― Fragrance is embedded into the disposal bags and will not 'evaporate' over time
― Fragrance stays and diffuses into its surroundings, leaving a clean and fresh scent

Environmentally Friendly
― Disposal bags are naturally degradable
― Clean and environmentally friendly way to dispose dog litter

Directions for use:
Pull out several bags and bring them with you when you take your dog for a walk.
When using, turn the bag inside out and slip your hand in, as if wearing a glove.
Grab dog litter and pick it up into the bag.
Tie handles together to close the bag and throw it into the bin.

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