Underdog Frozen Dog Food — A Fast, Convenient & Nutrition Choice!

Underdog Cooked Frozen Dog Food is ideal for various health needs, such as skin health, joint health, brain health & digestive health!

Underdog Cooked Frozen Dog Food contains the freshest ingredients & superfoods, including:

  • High quality meats & organs like beef knuckle, heart & liver.
  • Premium vegetables like kale, shiitake mushrooms & zucchini.
  • Natural supplements like cod liver oil & kelp powder.
  • No fillers (corn, grains, wheat or soy), added hormones & artificial additives.

    One supplement that stands out in Underdog Cooked Frozen Dog Food is the GanedenBC30, a natural probiotic that can withstand high temperatures & help support your dog’s immunity.

    All Underdog Cooked Frozen Dog Food comes in serving size trays that are easy to thaw or heat up — retaining the value of home-cooked meals but with a hassle-free preparation!

  • Underdog Frozen Dog Food — How Do You Transition To A Fresh Food Diet?

    Underdog Frozen Food can not only be fed as a meal, it can also be used as a food topper or mixed with your dog’s dry food kibble!

    Transitioning from a dry kibble diet to frozen food may cause digestive issues such as diarrhea to arise.

    However, they can be minimised if you gradually introduce it into their meals by increasing the amount of Underdog Frozen Food gradually over a span of approximately 10 days.

    Then, continue the increase until the initial diet has been completely replaced. Underdog Frozen Food can be prepared easily in just 4 simple steps!

    Thaw the sealed Underdog frozen patty in the refrigerator overnight, to prepare it for feeding the next day, or place the sealed frozen patty in a bath of water until soft.

    Warm the frozen patty by microwaving it for faster heating or heat it up by mixing it in some hot water.

    Serve the heated patty in your dog’s bowl!

    Discard any leftover food after feeding. To save unused portions of thawed food that have not been served, place them back into the refrigerator immediately, away from other foods.

    Introduce Underdog Frozen Food into your dog’s diet now & provide them with the additional nutritional boost that can help to keep them healthy & active!

    Underdog Frozen Dog Food — How Do You Transition To A Fresh Food Diet?

    Underdog Dog Food & Treats — Common or Novel Proteins For Your Dog?

    Underdog is known for its wide range of fresh frozen food for dogs, ranging from common to novel proteins, available in both raw & cooked versions to cater to every dog’s distinct needs!

    Made with premium quality meat protein options, Underdog can provide your dog with the essential amino acids it needs to keep them healthy & active.

    Novel protein options include Kangaroo, Crocodile, Pork and Duck. Novel proteins are types of proteins that are not commonly found in dog food, making it especially recommended for dogs that suffer from food sensitivities & allergies.

  • Kangaroo —The leanest red meat protein that is rich in Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA), making it ideal for dogs that require low fat diets.

  • Crocodile — Rich in protein & low in fat, it contains glucosamine, chondroitin & calcium to enhance joint, oral & bone support, and is also an ideal option for dogs that need a low fat diet.

  • Pork — Highly palatable & rich in vitamin b12, selenium & iron to help maintain healthy muscular & bodily functions.

  • Duck — Low in saturated fat, potassium, phosphorus and b-vitamins to enhance metabolic function.

  • Common protein options include: Beef, Chicken, Salmon, Fish and Lamb. A common protein diet can provide dogs with essential maintenance & protection.

    They are good sources of protein that are highly palatable & easily digestible — ideal for dogs that are fussy eaters & are not allergy-prone!

    Underdog Dog Food & Treats — Common or Novel Proteins For Your Dog?