Underdog Frozen Dog Food - Raw VS Cooked

Underdog dog food comes in both cooked and raw recipes, allowing dog owners to choose the most suitable recipe for their dog and their preferences.

If you prefer to feed your dog a raw diet, Underdog’s raw recipes are a convenient way to ensure your dog receives all the benefits of raw feeding and more!

Underdog Cooked Food is also a good fuss-free option you’ll definitely want to consider however if you prefer feeding your dog a “home-cooked” diet.

Either way, all Underdog dog food recipes meet the nutritional requirements set by AAFCO, ensuring your dog gets all the essential nutrients he needs!

Underdog’s cooked recipes are especially recommended for dogs who are not enthusiastic about eating kibble, wet food or raw meat.

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Closer Look At Underdog Frozen Dog Food

Underdog dog food has supplements for various health needs, such as skin health, joint health, brain health and digestive health.

One of the supplements that is most impressive by is GanedenBC30, a natural probiotic that is proven to help support the immune system and digestive health.

We were initially concerned that microwaving Underdog dog food would kill the probiotics, so we were ecstatic to hear that GanedenBC30 can withstand high temperatures!

Underdog dog food’s list of ingredients are easy to read and understand; each ingredient has a nutritional benefit and there are absolutely no fillers inside.

Ingredients used in Underdog dog food include:

  • High quality meats & organs like beef knuckle, heart and liver.
  • Premium vegetables like kale, shiitake mushrooms and zucchini.
  • Natural supplements like cod liver oil and kelp powder.
  • Underdog dog food does not contain any fillers (corn, grains, wheat or soy), added hormones and artificial additives.

    To find out more about Underdog Dog Food’s ingredients and each of its nutritional benefits, visit Underdog.sg.

    Closer Look At Underdog Frozen Dog Food

    What You Should Know About Underdog Dog Food

    Underdog dog food is packed in easy-to-serve 150g trays; each case contains 8 trays, which is approximately sufficient for a small dog’s 8 days of meals.

    Nutritious and made with wholesome, natural ingredients (which we’ll go into more detail later), Underdog dog food is very easy to prepare & serve.

    Just leave Underdog dog food in the fridge to thaw overnight, and pop it out of the tray to serve! Microwave to heat it up if it’s cooked, or thaw the tray in water for a bit if it’s raw.

    Underdog dog food is formulated by experts in canine nutrition and made in an AVA licensed kitchen, so you can be sure your dog gets the nutrients he needs.

    Westie the intern himself is a fan; he has Underdog cooked dog food daily mixed with a little kibble and it’s such an easy way to include home cooked food into his diet!

    What You Should Know About Underdog Dog Food

    The Story Behind Underdog Frozen Dog Food

    Underdog food & treats was founded by John and Ruth in hopes of sharing the same nutritious diet they feed their own dogs, Mocca and Marns.

    Mocca came to them from a shelter with lots of health problems, so they fed him the same fresh dog food they were feeding Marns.

    Impressed by how much his health & energy improved, John & Ruth were inspired and created Underdog dog food, with convenience, taste and nutrition in mind!

    As busy dog owners themselves, John & Ruth know how troublesome & time-consuming it can be trying to ensure your dog eats well.

    Underdog is the only grain-free frozen dog food made with fresh ingredients that meets AAFCO nutritional levels for All Life Stages in Singapore.

    The Story Behind Underdog Frozen Dog Food

    Underdog Frozen Dog Food - Single Protein Source Recipes

    Underdog dog food has introduced more single protein source recipes this year after listening to feedback from many dog owners in Singapore!

    Food allergies have become a common health concern for many dog owners; Underdog has hence formulated more single protein source dog food recipes!

    Underdog’s single protein source recipes has a lower chance of triggering a dog’s allergies, especially if the have multiple food allergies or intolerances.

    You can feed your dog Underdog’s single protein dog food and, to prevent future food allergies from developing, even rotate protein sources without any worries!

    Underdog frozen dog food is now available in various single protein source recipes such as Raw Beef, Raw Lamb, Cooked Beef, Cooked Lamb, Cooked Salmon and Cooked Pork.

    Underdog Frozen Dog Food - Single Protein Source Recipes

    Underdog Air Dried Dog Treats

    Underdog Air Dried Dog Treats are one of their best-selling products, and rightfully so as even our intern, Westie, can’t help but drool at the sight of an open pack!

    Made of a single animal protein from quality sources, Underdog Air Dried Dog Treats are grain-free and highly suitable for dogs that are allergic to multiple types of meat.

    Underdog Air Dried Dog Treats are also recommended for dogs that are allergic to common meats as Underdog has a wide array of novel and exotic protein flavours available.

    Ranging from novel proteins like kangaroo and crocodile, to common proteins like pork and beef, Underdog Air Dried Dog Treats are for every dog to enjoy!

    Underdog Air Dried Dog Treats are air dried to preserve the meat’s delicious taste and natural levels of nutrients, giving your dog a protein-packed treat!

    Underdog Air Dried Dog Treats

    Underdog Bone Broth Frozen Food Toppers

    Underdog Bone Broth Frozen Dog Food Toppers are the latest addition to the Underdog range; their tasty nature makes them highly recommended for dogs that are picky about their meals!

    You can serve Underdog Bone Broth (hot or chilled) as a meal topper or by itself as a snack, just defrost it overnight. Either way, your dog is sure to love this delicious, aromatic soup!

    Underdog Bone Broth is made from marrow bones (which are naturally rich in vitamins, minerals & other nutrients) & has probiotics added for your dog’s digestive & skin health.

    Suitable for dogs of all life stages and free of artificial preservatives & colourings, Underdog Bone Broth is available in four lip-smacking flavours: Beef, Lamb, Pork and Salmon.

    Underdog Bone Broth is however not recommended for dogs with kidney disease as it has high levels of phosphorus.

    Underdog Bone Broth Frozen Food Toppers