Oasis Second Chance Animal Shelter (OSCAS)

Oasis Second Chance Animal Shelter (OSCAS) is a non-profit charity and dog shelter in Pasir Ris that was founded in 2006 by Mary and Anita.

In 2004 - when Changi was still a forested area - The two compassionate women noticed that a regular stray feeder stopped feeding the strays at the end of the year.

Worried that the dogs were not being fed, they ventured into the jungle to feed the dogs themselves.

When the authorities decided to clear the land for urban development and cull the dogs who have made that area their home, Mary & Anita convinced AVA to let them trap and move the stray dogs into a shelter.

That new shelter was OSCAS - A new hope and a second chance for these dogs!

More than 110 Singapore Specials are now housed in this shelter, sustained only with the help from kind-hearted volunteers and generous donations or sponsorships.

Uncle Khoe’s K9

For over two decades, Uncle Khoe has been feeding stray dogs every day whether rain or shine.

Uncle Khoe once suffered a mild stroke and was hospitalised, yet, he insisted on going to feed the strays despite his family’s displeasure.

His determination and dedication helped Uncle Khoe through the years of heartbreak, as he saw numerous dogs that he cared for disappear due to culling and other misfortunes.

Back then there was only one shelter that he knew of, but it was in Malaysia. Spurned on by his passion, Uncle Khoe never gave up and continued caring for the strays.

He later learnt there were shelters for rent in Singapore, and has since been renting one and funding all expenses himself.

With the help of volunteers, Uncle Khoe’s K9 shelter was officially set up in 2012 to continue helping as many dogs as they can until there are none left.

As Uncle Khoe once said, “Till I can no longer walk, I will feed as many as I can, help as many as I can, one at a time…”.

HOPE Dog Rescue

HOPE Dog Rescue was founded in 2011; a collective of people from all walks of life, HOPE Dog Rescue’s core mission is to help Singapore’s street dogs.

In addition to running a catch-and-release sterilization program, HOPE Dog Rescue supplies cat and dog food & medication to workers caring for dogs and cats in their factory compounds.

HOPE Dog Rescue also has a special focus on senior and special needs dogs, because they're the ones most often left behind. They believe that they, too, deserve dignity, respect, and happiness in life.

Run wholly on the kindness and goodwill of volunteers and contributors, HOPE Dog Rescue continues to help these dogs.

Even a little love and care will give these dogs the glimmer of hope they need, and can make a big difference in their lives.

Voices For Animals

Voices For Animals (VFA) is a registered non-profit society founded in 2013 by a group of animal lovers.

Dedicated to helping retired breeding dogs have a second chance in life, VFA helps dogs by rehabilitating & rehoming them.

Their rehoming efforts have also expanded to helping other animals like cats, rabbits and even mice!

Run by volunteers, Voices For Animals' funding for shelter operations comes mainly from adoption drives, sale of merchandise and contributions from their supporters.

A huge amount of funds go to the rescued animals' medical bills. To date, they have re-homed over 1,500 animals, and are currently caring for over 250 animals.

Lily Low Shelter

Before Lily Low became a full-time cat rescuer, she was a personal assistant, who “had money to do what I wanted and buy clothes that I didn't need”.

She has since given up her job, and has continued rescuing cats in Singapore for over two decades. Having over 150 cats to care for is no easy feat, yet Lily can never turn down requests for help from other rescuers.

She has sometimes had to survive on one meal a day, just so her cats can have enough to eat.

Lily spends every day looking after her cats, usually by herself, which can be both physically & emotionally taxing.

Despite all the challenges and hardships she has faced, she finds life more fulfilling now, and has no regrets.

With the support of Lily’s family, friends and cat lovers, Lily plans to run her cat shelter for as long as she can.

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