How Does KohePoints Work?

The amount of KohePoints you earn is based on the final value of your single purchase. You earn:

KohePoints per $1 Spent Order Amount
1 KohePoint $0 - $100
2 KohePoints $100 - $200
3 KohePoints $200 - $300
4 KohePoints $300 - $400
5 KohePoints Above $400

What Are KohePoints?

Kohepoints are our way of rewarding our loyal customers! You can use your Kohepoints to redeem a variety of vouchers.

KohePoints are earned and accumulated when you make your purchases while logged into your Kohepets account.

KohePoints that you earn do not have an expiration date.

The more you spend on a single purchase, the more KohePoints you earn!

How Do I Start Earning KohePoints?

To start collecting KohePoints, first create an account

Please ensure you are logged in while you are shopping and making your purchase.

KohePoints are automatically calculated from your nett spend (i.e. after any vouchers or discounts) when you have made final payment for your purchase.

What Else Should I Know?

KohePoints are not exchangeable for cash.

KohePoints are not transferable.

Our return/exchange policy also applies to items purchased with Kohepets vouchers!