SUPPORT HOPE DOG RESCUE: “Button: The Hokkien Therapy Dog” Book

By Hope Dog Rescue


  • Read about Button’s inspirational & heartwarming tale!
  • A story about how a little dog changed & touched many lives.
  • All profits go to HOPE Dog Rescue.
  • Aid their rescue & feeding efforts by getting this book.
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“Button: The Hokkien Therapy Dog” Book tells the heartwarming story of Button, the once-abandoned senior Schnauzer with health & social problems who became a therapy dog.

Written by Fiona, Button’s owner & the founder of HOPE Dog Rescue, all profits from the sales of “Button: The Hokkien Therapy Dog” Book will go to HDR and their rescuing & feeding efforts.

“Button: The Hokkien Therapy Dog” Book illustrates Button's journey of how she grew into a certified therapy dog, where she touched many lives and brought many people warmth & happiness.

Button’s ability to understand Hokkien brought her closer to those in need of comfort, such as hospice patients & elderly in nursing homes, as shared in “Button: The Hokkien Therapy Dog” Book.

“Button: The Hokkien Therapy Dog” Book also chronicles Button's progress from an abandoned dog that did not know how to consume water from her bowl, to the affectionate dog she became.

You will also learn about the dark side of the local dog-breeding industry & the saddening predicament of many homeless pets in “Button: The Hokkien Therapy Dog” Book.

“Button: The Hokkien Therapy Dog '' Book is a must-have book and the perfect gift for all dog-lovers; read about Button’s accomplishments, her touching & inspirational story and help a dog in need!

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