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Pidan Travel Pet Bottle Filter is to be used with the Pidan Travel Pet Bottle to provide your dog with an endless supply of clean and fresh water on the go.

Never let your dog go thirsty in the blazing hot Singaporean weather with the Pidan Travel Pet Bottle; you can now easily provide your dog with water anywhere! 
Pidan Travel Pet Bottle is compact and great for travelling with the excellent leakproof seal design, allowing you to carry it in your backpack without fear of any spills!
The user-friendly Pidan Travel Pet Bottle features a one-touch lock that allows for single-handed feeding and a 45 degree bevel for a more comfortable angle and grip.
Pidan Travel Pet Bottle also has a 60mm depth wide-angle cup and a built-in replaceable filter to make it easy for your dog to drink comfortably and have access to fresh, clean water.
Made with ABS (a type of thermoplastic polymer) and polycarbonate, the Pidan Travel Pet Bottle is durable and made to last.
Pidan Travel Pet Bottle is also available in Brown and Green, and is a definite must-have to keep your dog happy and hydrated when out on a walk or date!
Dogs of all life stages.

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