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Encourages interactive play.

Fun both indoors and outdoors.

Bounces around & 3 different sounds and textures.

Ideal for playing fetch with your dog.

Suitable for large dogs.

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Outward Hound Triple Jack Dog Toy’s unique features will appeal to your dog’s inquisitiveness and encourage him to engage in interactive play.

Suitable for large dogs, the Outward Hound Triple Jack Dog Toy will keep your dog entertained for hours with its random bouncing and variety of fun textures & sounds.

Outward Hound Triple Jack Dog Toy is ideal for a game of fetch with your dog, and is fun both outdoors and indoors.

Watch your dog chew the Outward Hound Triple Jack Dog Toy and be delighted with the squeaking and grunting noises, while enjoying the various textures!

Product Dimensions
6.69"L x 4.92"W x 4.92"H

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