20% OFF: Cherie Unscented Clumping ODOUR CONTROL Natural Wood Cat Litter 10L

By Cherie



Made with PEFC Certified 100% virgin timber wood.

  • Odor controlling & Low tracking.
  • Up to 4 times absorbent than clay.
  • One bag can last up to 6 weeks.
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Chérie clumping cat litter is a more environmental friendly solution for your cat litter needs. Made with PEFC Certified 100% virgin timber wood from sustainable managed forest, and clumps quickly for easy disposal.

Up to 4 times absorbent than clay
Chérie wood based cat litter is up to 4 times absorbent than clay on a per-pound basis, which means you'll use less, and spend less. Better absorbency also helps eliminate litter box odor more quickly.

Unscented but odour controlling
Pine has a naturally pleasing scent and it overpowers the smell of urine that causes the majority of litter box odors. Cherie cat litter is highly effective at locking in moisture & controlling odour, which makes it perfect for enclosed spaces.

Low tracking, less cleaning up
Cherie Cat Litter is irregularly shaped but with round edges. This is more comfortable for your cat to step on and will not stick to your cat's paws. This means less tracking and less cleaning up for you.

Directions For Use

  • Pour 2 to 3 cm of Chérie Clumping Unscented Natural Wood Cat Litter into a litter box. Then, pour 3 to 6 cm of your old litter on top.

  • From the second time you change the litter box, use the same amount of Chérie, but less of your old litter. Repeat for another 3~5 litter changes, lessening the amount of your old litter each time.

  • This time round, use only Chérie. Your cat should be used to it now, sometimes some cats will need a little more time. In most cases, if you go slowly enough, your cat won’t even realize a change is taking place.

    Product Material
    100% Biodegradable virgin timber wood
  • Made in Germany

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