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Automatic litter sifting cat pan takes the chore out of litter maintenance

Scoops cat litter for you - simply pull the lever

Safe and quiet process No motorized pieces - no expensive parts to replace

Sealed design minimizes tracking, provides privacy Integrated carbon filter absorbs odors

Large swinging door allows cats to enter and exit easily

Clear-view access window allows easy monitoring of litter

Pull-out waste bin collects waste clumps for easy disposal

Maintenance access door allows you to easily replenish litter

Comes with one biodegradable liner for the cat pan and one for the pull-out waste bin

Measures 66 x 48 x 63cm
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This innovative cat pan features a simple yet practical Pull-and-Refresh system that makes litter maintenance so much easier than using a scooper. You are on your way to easy, mess and scoop free litter maintenance!

How To Use
1) Pull the lever to begin sifting
2) Clean litter falls through sifter, while waste clumps are deposited into waste bins
3) Clean litter is recycled back into pan

Easy Waste Disposal
To refresh the litter pan, all you have to do is pull down on the lever to activate a seamless and noiseless process that quickly and efficiently sifts and disposes the waste for you, so you no longer have to use a litter scooper! This system efficiently maximizes the use of cat litter.

When the lever is pulled, the cat pan inside the unit rotates and pours its contents into an integrated sifter, which collects and then deposits waste in a lined, pull-out waste bin located below. Clean litter is then recycled back into the pan, refreshed and ready for toilet duty. When it's time to get rid of the sifted waste, simply pull out the waste bin, remove the filled liner, discard, and replace with another SmartSift Biodegradable Replacement Liner. To replenish the litter, simply open the maintenance access door and add new litter.

Automatic Sifting
One of the worst parts of maintaining a litter box is sifting through the litter and making sure you get all of the clumps out so that your cat has a clean place to go. The Catit Smart Sift litter box has made the entire process much easier; when you pull the lever, it automatically sifts through the litter so you no longer have to! The process is completely safe and quiet, making owning a cat that much easier.

Smart Design
The sealed design allows your cats to go in private and helps minimize tracking. There is also an integrated carbon filter that will help absorb odors. Simply pull out the waste bin and dispose of them regularly and you are done!

Product Features
  • Dual Cat Pat Liners - Ensures easy cleanup - avoids having waste clumps sticking to cat pan and waste bin
  • Pull-out Waste Bin - Collects waste clumps for easy disposal & Includes convenient storage for replacement liner. Can hold up to 2 weeks worth of waste
  • Maintenance Access Door - Provides easy access to cat pan, simply lift up to add new litter. Works with all types of clumping litter
  • Easy-Clean Technology - Quiet, safe & cat-friendly. Completely manual - no expensive electronic parts to replace

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