2 FOR $13: Clean Cat Charcoal Soya Cat Litter 6L

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  • 100% natural & earth friendly.
  • Charcoal actived carbon for better odour control.
  • Excellent clumping.
  • Dust free & no fuss cleaning.
  • Paws-friendly.
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Excellent Odour Control - Keep your cat litter box smelling fresh thanks to a natural unscented litter with long-lasting odour control.

Quick Clumping and Excellent Pee Absorption - No more chiseling and scraping thanks to a fast-acting natural cat litter that leaves less mess in and around your litter box.

99.9% Dust Free - Naturally free of silica dust, this lightweight cat litter offers low tracking and less mess — so you and your cat can breathe easy.

Pet, People & Planet Friendly - A 100% naturally safe cat litter that offers no harmful chemicals and no artificial scents.
Vacuumed Pack - Utmost importance to maintain and prolong the freshness and quality of the natural cat litter.

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About Clean Cat

Clean Cat pampers your purring pals with an array of eco-friendly litter solutions. Their innovative, biodegradable products not only cater to feline hygiene but also support a cleaner planet. Standout from the pack, Clean Cat merges sustainability with pet care, ensuring a fresh home environment for cat lovers and their companions.

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Got this because the original one was sold out. this works just as well. cheap and just as good as the expensive brands such as NuturePro