Bio-X 3-in-1 Aerosol Spray 600ml

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    • 3-in-1: Insecticide, Disinfectant and Deodorizer
    • For purer indoor air quality
    • Eliminates insects, pests and fungi
    • Removes odours, pathogens and viruses
    • Good for indoor and outdoor use
    • Does not contain VOC
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Bio-X 3-in-1 Spray is a safe and effective multifunctional formulation to eliminate insect pests such as mosquitoes, cockroaches, ants, houseflies, bed bugs, flea, ticks, carpet mites etc.

Bio-X 3-in-1 has deodorizing properties and helps to disinfect. The unique formulation eliminates insects but is safe on mammals and pets (dogs, cats, birds and even aquatic animals)! This product is available in the form of aerosol spray for general use.

Are ants, mosquitoes , cockroaches, bugs etc bothering you? Try the Bio-X 3-in-1 today!

It is eco-friendly, water-based, safe & it actually works for weeks! It is also non-toxic and contains natural lemon fragrance.

The active ingredient Etofenprox is an insect neuro-toxicant i.e. a specific chemical that only attacks the insects' nervous system.

As it is water formulated, it has a pleasant fragrance and will not stain nor cause any irritation.

World Health Organization classified Etofenprox as unlikely to pose an acute hazard in normal use.

Some customers use this product to spray their car's interior to kill the cockroaches as well as to disinfect and deodorize their cars! It removes the bad odor!

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Bio-X 3-in-1 Aerosol Spray 600m

Effective in clearing smells