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99.7% dust-free with good odour control.

Texture closely resembles real sand.

Exceptional clumping and absorption.

Easy to scoop and throw away!

Made of natural clay.

Non-toxic (no added chemical additives).

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America Litter Ultra Scooping Clumping Cat Litter has a unique texture that makes it closely resemble real sand, creating a more natural environment to help your cat feel at ease.

Its exceptional clumping & absorbing properties ensure that America Litter Ultra Scooping Clumping Cat Litter stays intact when it clumps after coming in contact with liquid.

America Litter Ultra Scooping Clumping Cat Litter is not only easy to scoop up and throw away, it is also non-toxic as it is made of natural clay, making it safe for your cat and your whole family!

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10L (7kg, 15.5lb).

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