$5 OFF: Daily Delight Happea Bare with Peas (Unscented) Clumping Cat Litter 8L

By Daily Delight



  • Pea Fibre Protein-free.
  • 99.9% Dust-free & Gentle on Paws.
  • Easy Scooping & Disposal.
  • Super Absorbency, Fast & Solid Clumping.
  • Environmentally Friendly & Lesser Usage.
  • Excellent Deodorization (Unscented).
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$5 OFF: Daily Delight Happea Bare with Peas (Unscented) Clumping Cat Litter 8L

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Daily Delight Pea Fibre Litter is made from 100% sustainably-sourced pea fibre. It’s fast-clumping ability creates solid clumps that effectively neutralise odour and absorb 3x more liquid than tofu fibre.

Our pea litter keeps the litter pan odour-free and gentle to the nose.


  • All natural ingredients - Made from 100% all-natural and eco-friendly pea fibre, free of chemicals and additives. No artificial scent or colour is added.
  • Superior absorbency - Pea fibre absorbs 3x more liquid than tofu fibre.
  • Fast and powerful clumping - It forms strong clumps quickly, making it easy to scoop and remove!
  • Dust-free - Our litter helps prevent and alleviate respiratory issues for both cats and pet owners.
  • Excellent odour control - Its superior neutralising properties keep the litter pan fresh and odour-free!

Pea Fibre, Edible Corn Starch, Guar Gum.

Instructions For Use
Step 1: Fill a clean litter tray with 2-5 cm thickness of Daily Delight Happea Litter.
Step 2: Remove the clumps and dispose properly.
Step 3: Refill the amount of cat litter to maintain the 2-5 cm level.
Step 4: Empty the litter tray once a month.

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