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  • Unscented clumping clay cat litter.
  • Odour seal with activated carbon: Zero ammonia in 24 hours.
  • Strongly absorbs and clumps instantly.
  • 99.4% dust-free and non-toxic.
  • Economic choice that lasts up to 40 days.
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America Litter Ultra Odour Seal Clumping Cat Litter is formulated specially to control strong odours with activated carbon; this special compound locks the odour in an hour and eliminates the ammonia within 24 hours.

Able to clump strongly within 3.75 seconds, America Litter Ultra Odour Seal Clumping Cat Litter makes it easy for owners to scoop away used clutter, while ensuring minimal dust level for the family.

With a well-balanced granulation formula, America Litter Ultra Odour Seal Clumping Cat Litter is designed to be gentle on your cat’s paws while keeping their paws clean.

The uniquely formulated America Litter Ultra Odour Seal Clumping Cat Litter also enables the granules to absorb more and last longer, and can last up to 40 days (in a single cat household).

Made of 100% natural clay, America Litter Ultra Odour Seal Clumping Cat Litter is non-toxic, unscented and does not contain any harmful chemical additives, making it safe for your cat and your whole family.

Product Material
100% natural bentonite clay

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Ernie Masdiana Mohd Rhani

Super fast delivery

Jenn Lee
Highly recommend

Have been using arm & hammer but it has been out of stock. Tried a few pdt but my cat does not like it. This is the closest to arm & hammer. Been using it for a month and will continue to purchase.

Would like to thank Kohepets for the speedy delivery.

Suffyan Othman
Great efficiency

I ordered the product and received it on the same day. Amazing service.

Great service👍👏

Purchase today next day delivered...🙂