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What Makes CORE Different?

The one thing that makes Core kitten formula dry cat food different from the competitors is that it is balanced. Unlike some of the other grain free foods that are available is that the Wellness Core kitten formula keeps balance in mind. The Wellness Core formula ensures your pet’s whole health by making sure that the overall nutritional equation is right for feeding your kitten every day.

Many of the foods that are higher in protein also have more fat, calories, and minerals. Core selects specialized ingredients in order to manage appropriate nutritional ratios, which are best for your kittens overall health. Only the highest quality natural ingredients are used in this food. This unique diet will show in your pet’s coat, weight, digestion, and overall energy levels. Choosing Wellness Core kitten formula dry cat food for your kitten will ensure they lead a happy and healthy life.

- DHA from Salmon Oil to Support Healthy Brain & Eye Development
- Optimal Calories for Growth
- Omega-Rich for Healthy Skin & Coat
- Antioxidant-Rich to Support Immune Health
- No Meat By-Products or Fillers
- Made with Naturally Gluten-Free

All Ingredients

- Complete & Balanced for Everday Feeding

To create a protein-focused diet the Wellness Way, we carefully control the quality and quantity of the ingredients we use, and pay close attention to the individual properties of each inclusion. From source to bowl, we make no exceptions!

If you are looking for a food with more meat and no grains, CORE is truly a more thoughtful alternative. This diet delivers the meat content you're looking for, while creating a balanced profile of high quality, natural ingredients appropriate for everyday feeding.

Supporting your pet's inner wellbeing.

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Brand - Wellness
About The Brand

Wellness Pet Food's mission is to produce wholesome, natural pet food that is the best it can be. Nothing is overlooked in the quest for excellence. Recipes are crafted to be as delicious as they are healthy. Superior nutrients and probiotics are used to provide the foundation for whole-body health and wholesome, natural ingredients to satisfy every pet's appetite.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews

My cat loves this food!


My cat likes it

Jacqueline Kwok
Would recommend

Fast and efficient to purchase from them!

Wellness Core Kitten

Both my kittens love it! So far it's the only food that doesn't cause discomfort for them.

Shireena Woon
Wellness Core Kitten

My kittens love it. Good texture, not too chunky and not too soft, good for kittens weaning to chunkier wet food.

Ne Az
For my kittens

Regular dry food for my kittens. Super fast delivery (same day) which is awesome since my stock was running out.