VetNex Manuka-C-Colostrum Immunity Powder Supplement For Cats & Dogs 100g

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Support growth in puppies and kittens.

  • Good for building up strength e.g. sick or elderly animals.
  • Ideal product for animals with sensitive tummies or those allergic to other dairy products.
  • Premium nutrition source for weaning, malnutrition and upset tummies.
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Vetnex Manuka-C-Colostrum Immunity Powder for dogs and cats 100g is a pets-only premium immunity supplement specially formulated for dogs and cats, to help support healthy immune system function.

The product is an immune booster to enhance the body’s natural defence and help build up strength, it can be used for both healthy pets or animals that have a weaker immune function (e.g. sick or elderly pets).

The product has enhanced immunity-building/body-strengthening actions from 4 carefully selected premium ingredients within the formula including Manuka honey, colostrum, vitamin C and goat milk:

Manuka honey is produced by bees that pollinate the Manuka bush native to Australia & New Zealand. The locals have been using it traditionally for antimicrobial and healing purposes with a long history.

Colostrum is the first milk produced by mammals immediately following delivery of newborn, it contains premium nutrients including lactoferrin and antibodies (immunoglobulins) to protect newborn against diseases.

Vitamin C is a potent antioxidant, contributes to immune defence by supporting various cellular functions.

Goat milk provides gentle and quality nutrients to help build up strength.
Vetnex Manuka-C-Colostrum Immunity Powder is formulated with healthy choice of premium quality natural or naturally derived ingredients only.

The product is a tasty powder with natural milk flavour which can be easily added daily to your pet’s dry or wet foods or mixed in drinking water, offering a natural solution for your dog or cat which might need a bit of extra support to strengthen immune system function and/or body strength.

Premium Nutrition Support to Help Strengthen Healthy Immune System Function in Dogs and Cats
  • Daily supplement to help maintain healthy immune system function.
  • Immunity booster to enhance natural defence in the body.
  • Help build up strength.
  • Great nutrition source for both healthy pets or animals that have a weaker immune function (e.g. sick or elderly pets).
  • Pets-only premium immunity supplement specially formulated for dogs and cats.
  • Can be used for both healthy pets or animals that have a weaker immune function.
  • With 4 enhanced immunity-building/body-strengthening actions from Manuka honey, colostrum, vitamin C and goat milk.
  • Gentle care – contains natural or naturally derived ingredients. No flavours, colouring or preservatives.
  • Tasty powder - with natural milk flavour.
  • Easy to use – simply sprinkled on food or mixed in drinking water.
  • Made in Australia.
Goat milk powder, Colostrum, Vitamin C, Manuka honey, Tapioca maltodextrin, Non-fat dry milk, Silicon dioxide, Medium-chain triglycerides & Sunflower lecithin.

No added grains, nuts, soy, eggs, sugar, flavours, colouring or preservatives.

Country Of Origin
100% Australian/New Zealand origin - made from fresh goat milk sourced from local Australian and New Zealand goat farms.

Directions For Use
Dogs & Cats: One serve daily sprinkled on food or mixed in drinking water, or as directed by your veterinarian.

  • Cats 1 scoop
  • Small Dogs (<10 kg) 1 scoop
  • Medium Dogs (10 – 25 kg) 1 - 2 scoops
  • Large Dogs (>25 kg) 2 - 3 scoops
* A dosing scoop is included in the container.
** If the animal has a sensitive stomach, start at a lower dose and increase gradually.

Store below 30C (room temperature). Protect from moisture, heat and light. Keep container tightly closed.

  • Use only as directed.
  • Not to be used in animals allergic to dairy or honey products.
  • Consult your veterinarian before use for pregnant, lactating or young animals.
  • Discontinue use and consult your veterinarian if any irritation occurs.
  • Do not use if tamper-evident cap seal is broken.

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