ThunderShirt Anxiety Relief For Dogs - Grey

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  • Works By Applying Constant Gentle Pressure Similar To Swaddling A Baby
  • Easy To Use & Adjust - No Training Required No Chemicals, Drugs, or Side Effects
  • >80% Success Rate Recommended By Vets & Trainers
  • For Anxious, Nervous or Over-Excited Dogs
  • Great For Vet Visits, Traveling, Separation Anxiety, Etc.
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ThunderShirt Anxiety Relief For Dogs - Grey - Kohepets

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The easy and natural solution to fear, anxiety and over-excitement in dogs
The Thundershirt is an essential tool in your arsenal if your pet suffers from anxiety, when you leave the house, fears, or phobias, or even being too excitable. The Thundershirt applies a gentle pressure all around the midsection, calming the dog as if he were being held in your arms. This means that you can give your dog the hug that he needs even when your away from the house.

Separation anxiety can be terrifying for your pet and destructive for your household items, and this is a great way to combat that. The Thundershirt is effective for all kinds of fears and anxiety problems and frustrated pet owners that have looking for a solution will be glad to know that the Thundershirt has been able to calm 80% of pets that suffer from fears that run the gamut from loud noises like fireworks and thunder, to anxiety about a missing family member or a trip to veterinarian. The Thundershirt is recommended by vets everywhere and is the perfect solution for your anxious dog.
Like people, dogs come in many shapes and sizes so if your dog has unusual proportions, you may need to go up or down a size versus the 'standard' measurements. However, the ThunderShirt is designed to be very adjustable.

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Customer Reviews

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I don’t actually see like a solid change but that’s also because I don’t wear it for my puppy enough. I will try more. he does seem a little calm to be fair

Thundershirt - One of the best anxiety treatments out there

The Thundershirt is an unusual, yet highly-effective anxiety solution for your dogs! Many dog owners have experienced success with it. One such owner writes in her review:

"Our older dalmation has severe thunderstorm anxiety. She shivers, hides, pants, and whines. It is terrible! I was another skeptical shopper, but willing to try the Thundershirt after reading about it in my Yahoo group. Some people in the group were getting good results.

I am happy to say that we have also had good results. Now, that doesn't mean it's an instant and 100% cure. It has lessened our dog's anxiety during storms by about 75%. She is still anxious, but she doesn't tremble, pant, whine, or hide. She will still pace some, but mainly she just lays down and looks unhappy until the storm is over. So it's a huge improvement.

I read another review about how tight the shirt is, so much so the reviewer worried about the product's safety. All I can say is that I think they bought the wrong size. We adjust the shirt so that it is snug, not tight. Our dog didn't like the shirt at first, and looked at us like we had lost our minds when we put it on her the first time. But she has gotten used to it. She even stands and looks at us when a storm is approaching, waiting for us to get her shirt.

We live in South Florida, the lightning capital of the world. So we have frequent strong thunderstorms. The Thundershirt has helped us get through this last rainy season with less problems and a happier dog. I think it's worth trying and I am glad we did."


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