UNPet Reversible Cat & Dog E-Collar (Pink Milk Bottle)

By UNPet


  • Reversible Elizabethan collar.
  • Prevents your pet from biting or scratching wounds.
  • Soft and comfortable cushioning.
  • Can be attached to pet’s collar.
  • Water-resistant material.
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UNPet Reversible Cat & Dog E-Collar is a soft and comfortable reversible Elizabethan collar that is perfect for cats or dogs healing from injuries.

Preventing your pet from biting, licking or scratching their head, neck and body, the UNPet Reversible Cat & Dog E-Collar also prevents wounds from getting infected and helps speeds up the healing process.

UNPet Reversible Cat & Dog E-Collar can be used both indoors and outdoors at all times - attachable to any collar, this water resistant e-collar can be used anywhere.

Unlike a traditional hard plastic e-collar (also known as ‘the cone of shame’), UNPet Reversible Cat & Dog E-Collar has ample cushioning to support your pet’s neck and allow him to rest comfortably.

UNPet Reversible Cat & Dog E-Collar has a cute and trendy 2-in-1 reversible design that your pet will be proud to wear out, and is also available in a Blue Camouflage design.

Available in different sizes, a snuggly fitted UNPet Reversible Cat & Dog E-Collar makes the healing process comfier and easier on your pet for a speedy recovery!
Cats and dogs.

Directions For Use
Loop the collar around your pet’s head and secure the velcro strap for a comfortable and snug fit.

Product Dimensions
Size 1 - Neck girth: 18-20cm.
Size 2 - Neck girth: 20-23cm.
Size 3 - Neck girth: 23-26cm.
Size 4 - Neck girth: 26-29cm.
Size 5 - Neck girth: 29-35cm.
Please Note
Add at least 1cm allowance to your dog's neck size for a comfortable fit.

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