PetCubes Raw Lamb Frozen Dog Food 2.25kg


Wholesome & Nutritious Frozen Grain-Free Meals.

Made With Fresh, Human-grade Ingredients.

Contain 70% Meat & Organs, 25% Vegetables & 5% Fruits & Supplements.

Contains no fillers, additives, GMO ingredients and by-products.

Made in Singapore (AVA Licensed Kitchen).

Contains 28 cubes weighing approx. 80g.

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PetCubes Raw Lamb Frozen Dog Food is a complete and balanced frozen fresh food diet with added nutrients made for dogs of all ages.

Made with 70% raw lamb and offals, PetCubes Raw Lamb Frozen Dog Food provides a great protein source for your dog that is easily digestible.

PetCubes Raw Lamb Frozen Dog Food also contains 25% vegetables which provides your dog with fibre required to promote better digestive system and improve bowel movement.

The remaining 5% of PetCubes Raw Lamb Frozen Dog Food contains fruits and supplements such as vitamins and minerals which are necessary to help build strong immune system and growth of your dog.

PetCubes Raw Lamb Frozen Dog Food is also proven to be palatable to even fussy dogs and helps to promote better health, skin & coat.

Stored at -25 degrees, PetCubes Raw Lamb Frozen Dog Food is eliminated of bacteria and parasites for safe consumption.

PetCubes Raw Lamb Frozen Dog Food is also immediately packed and blast frozen to retain freshness.

PetCubes frozen dog food is locally made in AVA-licensed kitchens with HACCP Certified equipments and processes.

All ingredients used to prepare PetCubes frozen food are sourced from countries like Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, Netherlands and Norway.

PetCubes frozen dog food contains no preservatives, fillers, additives, GMO ingredients, by-products and grains.

Lamb Shoulder, Lamb Heart, Lamb Tripe, Lamb Pluck, Pumpkin, Carrots, Spinach, Broccoli, Organic Kale, Sweet Potatoes, Grounded Free Range Eggshells, Sea Kelp, Spirulina, Blueberries, Cranberry Powder, Alaskan Salmon Oil, Extra Virgin Coconut Oil.

Suitable For
Dogs of all ages.

Feeding Instructions
Feed daily as a complete and balanced meal according to instructions on the packaging.
It is recommended that you defrost the frozen food in your fridge overnight.
If this food is new to your dog, gradually introduce into his or her diet by mixing in small portions of the new food with the current food.
This should take at least 1 week to do so (eg. mix 20% of new food with 80% of the current food for the first two, 40% of the new food with 60% of the current food for the next two, and so on).
Do note that the transition period can take up to a month if your dog:
  • Has a sensitive stomach.
  • Has only been on one or few types of dog food formulas in his or her life.
  • Has only been on kibble or canned food his or her whole life.

    Country Of Origin
    Made in Singapore.

    Product Weight
    Each PetCubes dog food 2.25kg case contains 7 Packets (approx. 320g each). Each packet contains 4 cubes (approx. 80g).
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