Telobag Compostable Poop Bags 30ct


100% compostable waste bags.

Made from cassava starch.

Eco-friendly alternative to plastic poo bags.

Large sized for easy clean up.

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Telobag Poop Bags are organic, 100% compostable bags that you can use to pick up and dispose your dog’s waste with.

Made from cassava starch, Telobag Poop Bags can be composted together with other organic waste such as paper and not leave any toxic residue.

Telobag Poop bags will compost completely within 6 months and it can be safely flushed down in the toilet.

An eco-friendly alternative to plastic bags, Telobag Compostable Poop Bags do not contain any plastic material at all.

Telobag Poop Bags are large enough for you to sleeve the bag over your hand, making picking up your dog’s poop fuss and mess-free.

Suitable For
All dogs.

Directions For Use
Please dispose of bag properly after use.

Product Dimensions
26cm x 14cm.

Product Material
Telobags are made from cassava starch.

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