Taki Burgundy Beef Grain-Free Freeze-Dried Food For Cats & Dogs 150g

By Taki


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  • Inspired by Boeuf Bourguignon (french beef stew)!
  • Made with fresh, restaurant-grade ingredients.
  • Protein-packed formula with 70% beef and beef liver, with 20% produce.
  • Nutritionally complete and balanced for cats and dogs.
  • Freeze-dried in Singapore with no additives & preservatives.
  • Comes in 3 x 50g packets.
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We’re descendants of wolves and we like beef! Inspired by Boeuf Bourguignon, the Burgundian Beef Stew, TAKI Burgundy is made from 70% beef meat and liver, with 30% fruits and vegetables—edamame, carrot, purple sweet potato, broccoli and more—for nutrition, variety and balance.

TAKI meal is like home-cooked, only with restaurant ingredients and freeze-dried for convenience. It’s fresh and jam packed with superfoods.

These delicious meals are formulated to exceed AAFCO and NRC’s protein requirements, are full of good fats while keeping carbs moderate, and add a good dose of fibre.

This is a meal, and can be had in its original crispy form, or rehydrated with water for a stew, with meat, vegetables, and soup for furkid to enjoy.

Freeze dried food weighs about a quarter of the fresh ingredients we start with (and keeps 95%+ of the nutrients!), so this (50g x 3 packets) bag is equivalent to 600g of fresh food.

Beef, liver, edamame, carrot, purple sweet potato, broccoli.

Nutritional Analysis
Estimated nutrition value in 50g x 3 packets:
Protein: 54g.
Fat: 35g.

Calorie Content
608 kcal/150g.

Suitable For
Cats & dogs of all life stages.

Feeding Guideline
0-5 kg    half packet / day.
5-10 kg    1.5 packet / day.
10 -20 kg    2 packets / day.

Please shake and mix well before you serve.
Keep this bag in a cool and dry environment.
Once opened, please keep it in the fridge.

Pour room temperature water to rehydrate; Water ratio is 1:1;  eg. Put 50g water for 50g TAKI meal. 

This is just a general feeding guideline, please consult a vet to seek professional advice on nutritional information. 

Country Of Origin
Made in Singapore.

Product Weight
3 x 50g packets.

What are the main ingredients in this dog food/treat?

This dog treat is made from 100% Duck Breast.

How is this food/treat beneficial for my dog?

This food is an excellent source of protein which is beneficial for the pet's overall health and muscle development.

What is the protein content in this dog food/treat?

The protein content in this dog treat is 80%.

Is this product grain-free, and if not, what grains are included?

Yes, this product is grain-free and gluten-free.

Are there any artificial preservatives, colors, or flavors in this product?

No, this product is without any added preservatives and antibiotics.

Is this food suitable for all breed sizes or different ages?

This food is suitable for both cats and dogs.

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