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  • Thunderstorms. Vet visits. Car rides. New environment. Travel anxiety. Or just being separated.
  • Your pet has emotions just like you do, and sometimes those emotions can be overwhelming and terrifying.
  • Unlike humans, animals don't have the ability to express exactly what they are feeling, and so when they are suffering from impatience or are fearful because of thunder, fireworks or other loud noises, they need help right away.
  • The Rescue Remedy from Bach is the solution that both of you have been looking for all this time.
  • All you have to do is add 4 of drops of this all-natural solution to their water dish and they'll be calm in no time
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A Natural Stress Relief for Pets

For over 80 years, RESCUE Remedy has been recommended by veterinarians and pet owners alike to help ease fear, anxiety and behavioral issues in pets.

Bach Flower Remedies are natural supplements that have been used for both human and animal anxiety for almost a century. They are 100% safe for your pets and contain 80% vegetable glycerin and 20% water as inactive ingredients. The active ingredients include 5 of the 38 original flower remedies that were developed by British physician Dr. Edward Bach in 1930. They are specially formulated to “rescue” pets when they become overwhelmed by emotion and solve problems like fear of thunder, travel terror, separation anxiety, adjustment to a new environment and constant barking.

Bach's flower remedies also treat a variety of other conditions that your pet may experience including: possessiveness, lack of interest in things or people, loss of confidence, inability to cope with life and even can help with developing self-control. If you've been wanting to find an all-natural solution to your pet's emotional problems, your search is over.

RESCUE Remedy Pet contains a blend of 5 of the 38 Bach® Original Flower Remedies, as developed by Dr. Edward Bach, that help your pet cope with different emotional aspects of stressful situations:

  • Rock Rose - for terror and panic
  • Impatiens - addresses irritation and impatience
  • Clematis - for inattentiveness and lack of interest
  • Star of Bethlehem - for shock or trauma
  • Cherry Plum - for a lack of self control
Common usage times include:
  • Separation anxiety
  • Fear of loud noises (thunderstorms, fireworks)
  • Travel anxiety
  • Visits to the vet or groomer
  • Shock, trauma or mistreatment
  • Adapting to new surroundings
  • Excessive barking

As with all conditions treated over the counter, you should seek the help of your veterinarian if the symptoms are persistent or deteriorate.


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Customer Reviews

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Gail Sethi
Bach's Rescue Remedy Natural Stress Relief

My dog is very anxious in cars & when it rains. Rescue Remedy helps her to remain calm. It must however be fed before she gets stressed.

vicky gopal
Bach rescue remedy

Professional customer service, original product at affordable price. Great delivery personal . 😊 Happy