Marukan Mouse Toy For Cats 20ct

By Marukan


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    • 20 mouse toys in one pack
    • 1 big mouse and 19 small mice
    • Made with natural hair and colourful feathers
    • Mimics real mouse to trigger cat's hunting instincts
    • Several ways to play - toss and chase or hide and seek
    • Nose of the mouse can be attached to rope for extra fun
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Marukan Mouse Toy For Cats gives you twenty mouse toys in one pack!

This fun mouse toy is made with natural hair and colourful feather tails to attract your cat's attention.

The mouse toy mimics a real mouse that will help to trigger and satisfy your cat's hunting instincts.

Simple toss the mouse to your cat or hide them in places for your cat to find!

You can also purchase the Marukan Mouse Teaser Cat Toy* and replace the mouse with either one from this pack.

Whichever way you choose to play, there will be endless fun for you and your cat.

Product Dimensions: W20 × D50 × H20 mm

* Marukan Mouse Teaser Cat Toy is sold separately.

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