Dogit Gumi Dental Massage Bone Dog Toy

By Dogit


  • Scrubbers: remove food and saliva lingering on the tooth’s surface.
  • Soft waves: gently massage and stimulate the blood flow to the gum line. Increased blood flow helps keep the gums strong and more resistant to disease.
  • Soft Gumi Texture encourages continuous play; exercises jaw muscles without damaging teeth.
  • Rotating ends move around the dog’s mouth as he chews, providing a 360 degree Clean
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Dogit Gumi Dental Massage Bone Dog Toy - Kohepets

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The Dogit Gumi Dental Toy Massage Bone turns brushing time into playtime! Gumi dental toys help improve your dog’s oral hygiene as he plays. The toys are specifically designed to help floss, remove plaque, and deep clean those hard to reach areas.

Gumi toys are a fun, playful way to maintain a cleaner and healthier mouth. In addition to helping remove plaque and cleaning those hard to reach areas, the Floss includes minty flossing rope to help penetrate the tight areas between the teeth and gives your dog minty-fresh breath. Flossing is important to help prevent gingivitis and periodontal disease.

Dogit Design Gŭmi 360 Clean: With its Gumi ball technology and rotating end pieces, the 360 Clean really lives up to its name to provide your dog with a complete 360 degree cleaning. Encased within a durable nylon covering, the Gumi balls provide deep cleaning action as they move and shift against the teeth. The durable nylon/Gumi ball combination effectively removes surface buildup – a sure-fire way to fight cavities. The ribbed edges of the nylon also help in removing plaque.

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