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  • Pine litter pellets are perfect for cat litter boxes, bird cages, guinea pig and reptile habitats. As a cage and habitat bedding, our pine litter pellet will reduce odor through its natural ability to absorb quickly, and retain odor until it is removed through daily cleaning. Pine litter pellets offer the cleanest environment for you, your pet and the environment.
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Our 100% natural cat litter promotes physical and emotional health. Millions of cats are surrendered to shelters, euthanized, or worse, turned outside each year because of elimination behavioral problems. Elimination behavioral problems primarily stem from either a physical ailment (kidney, bladder, crystals) or rejection of the litter box for a variety of reasons.

High quality food, safe and natural litter, regular veterinary care and human contact are the lifeblood for domestic cats. We have compromised the health of our indoor cats by choosing litters that are convenient for us. Hundreds of dollars are spent per year / per household in veterinary visits attributed to litter and litter box issues.

Odor control and clumping additives that are not found in the cat's natural environment are suspected to be at the base of so many physical and emotional ailments. Guardian Angel 100% natural litter is high heat treated for extreme absorbency. In turn, this extreme absorbency contributes to the natural caking of the litter at the wet spot. While this litter will not clump as tightly as litters with clumping agents added, (see danger of clumping litters) the wet spot will congeal so the soaked litter can be easily removed. Additionally, this high heat treatment removes phenols, oils and potential allergens found in other wood based litters.

No clay, no silica, no additives, no worries.

A natural environment is a healthy environment!

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