Green Kat Recycled Paper Cat Litter 24L

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100% recycled paper - No additives or chemicals

Eco-friendly - Recyclable and biodegradable

No dust or tracking

Super absorbent with better odor control

Suitable for cats and small animals

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Green Kat cat litter is a wonderful, natural choice for your cat litter; created using recycled newspaper, it's completely natural with no chemicals or additives.

You can feel good about using this cat litter, knowing that you are providing your cat with highly absorbent litter pellets, and doing good for the environment at the same time.

Green Kat paper cat litter is made from a special process that converts waste newspaper into highly absorbent pellets that your cat will love and will make less of a mess for you to clean up.

Fluids are drawn into the paper pellets while the fibres create their own barrier, effectively reducing the odour. Paper litter has virtually no dust, so you won't have to sweep up after your cat anymore!

For best results, pour litter 2 to 4cm deep into the tray, remove solid waste every day. Top-up if needed with fresh pellets, and completely replace at least once a week.