FuzzYard Poop Dispenser Bag (Yeezy)


Fits 2 poop bags including cash & keys.

Secure and fasten to leash with 2 velcro loops.

Easily remove poop bags through the top opening.

Fits most standard poop rolls.

Durable and machine-washable.

Comes with 2 rolls of poop bags.

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FuzzYard Poop Dispenser Bag (Yeezy) is a multi-functional poop dispenser bag that allows you to fit up to 2 poop bag rolls, including your cash & keys.

Easily secure and fasten the FuzzYard Poop Dispenser Bag (Yeezy) to your dog’s leash with 2 velcro loops — never lose your poop dispenser bag again!

FuzzYard Poop Dispenser Bag (Yeezy) fits most standard poop bag rolls; they can be easily taken out 1-by-1 through the top opening of the poop dispenser bag.

Available in a variety of trendy prints, FuzzYard Poop Dispenser Bag adds a sparkle of fun for every walk with your best friend!

FuzzYard Poop Dispenser Bag (Yeezy) comes with 2 rolls of biodegradable poop bags for you to start your environmentally-friendly lifestyle today!

Made with polyester, FuzzYard Poop Dispenser Bag (Yeezy) is durable and easily maintained — simply throw it into the washing machine for a quick wash.

FuzzYard Poop Dispenser Bag (Yeezy) features a classic yet minimalist dark grey, covered in light grey cross prints; perfect for those who love simplicity with a hint of design!

Suitable For
Dogs of all life stages.

Product Material
Polyester with zipper.

Product Dimensions
10xm x 9cm x 4.5cm.

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