Ferplast With-Me Dog Carry Bag (Normal Size) - Black


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Made of EVA

Soft, sturdy and comfortable

With adjustable handles and internal safety belt

Easy to wash and maintain

Ideal for small dogs under 8 kg

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Always carry your friend with you wherever you go with Ferplast With-Me Carry Bag!

This soft carrier, made of innovative rubber EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate) is for small dogs.

Soft and comfortable, With-Me Carry Bag is sturdy and beautiful, it even can be used alone as a shopping bag.

Made in Italy, it is available in several original fashionable colours, perfect to be matched to other pet accessories for a total look that will make an significant impact.

The strong adjustable handles allows you to adapt the bag to the right length. either as a handbag or a shoulder bag.

The internal safety belt can be fixed to your dog's collar for safety and security.

Hygienic and waterproof, the With-Me Carry Bag can be quickly cleaned with water and mild soap.

This carry bag is ideal for small dogs under 8 kg.

Product Dimensions
43.5 x 21.5 x H 27 cm

Product Size
For small dogs under 8 kg.

Product Colours
Available in five colours - Black, Blue, Green, Rock (multi-colour straps) and Sand.
* Refer to pictures for individual colours.

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Ferplast With-Me Dog Carry Bag (Normal Size) - Black

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Ferplast With-Me Dog Carry Bag (Normal Size) - Black

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