6 FOR $12.50: Ciao Grilled Skipjack Tuna In Gravy With White Meat & Dried Bonito Topping Cup Cat Food 70g

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Grain -free wet cat food.

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What does Grilled Skipjack mean? It means that the skipjack fillet used has been gently blow- torched to retain and provide all the best natural flavours for your cats!

Ciao Grilled Skipjack Tuna In Gravy Cup Cat Food has a layer of skipjack tuna and a choice of 4 unique graving topping. This simple cup will definitely provide an extraordinary meal experience for your cats. With two layers of goodness in a cup, feeding from a cup has never been easier!

  • Ready-to-eat cat meals with real meat and gravy

  • Every cup comes with gently blow torched Skipjack tuna

  • Simple to feed & Mess-free

  • Great as a complementary meal or food topper

  • Vitamin E: Helps boost and support the immune system. Source of antioxidant that can help maintain healthy skin and coat

  • Fortified with Green Tea: Reduces cholesterol and blood sugar levels. Provides oral support for healthier teeth and gums
  • All Ingredients

    White Meat Tuna, Sliced Bonito, Flavoring Agents, Forming Substances, Vitamin E, Green Tea Powder
    Protein : not less than 10% , Fat : not less than 0.5%, Crude Fiber : not more than 0.2%, Moisture : not more than 88%

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What are the main ingredients in this cat food/treat?

    The main ingredients in this cat food are white meat tuna, sliced bonito, flavoring agents, forming substances, vitamin E, and green tea powder.

    How is this food/treat beneficial for my cat?

    This food is a fantastic source of hydration for your cat and it also contains vitamin E to help support the immune system, as well as green tea to reduce cholesterol and blood sugar levels and provide oral support for healthier teeth and gums.

    What is the protein content in this cat food/treat?

    The protein content in this cat food is not less than 10%.

    Is this product grain-free, and if not, what grains are included?

    Yes, this product is grain-free. It does not contain any grains.

    Are there any artificial preservatives, colors, or flavors in this product?

    No, there are no artificial preservatives, colorings, or flavors in this product.

    Is this food suitable for all breed sizes or different ages?

    This food is suitable for cats of all breed sizes and ages. It can be fed as a complementary meal or food topper.