Catit Voyageur Cat Carrier (Blue-Grey)

By Catit


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  • A well-built, long-lasting cat carrier!
  • Reliable and easy-to-use safety lock.
  • Well-ventilated.
  • Side collection gutter for spilled liquid or urine.
  • Built-in food and water dish.
  • Small top door to pet your cat or give them treats.
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Catit Voyageur Blue-Grey Cat Carrier (Medium) - Kohepets

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Catit Voyageur Cat Carrier has everything you want in a cat carrier — well-built, this long-lasting carrier keeps your cat safe and secure no matter if you’re travelling by car, bus, train or plane!

Fitted with an easy-to-use safety lock, Catit Voyageur Cat Carrier’s metal door can be simply and reliably locked to prevent your cat from unexpectedly escaping.

Catit Voyageur Cat Carrier also features a mesh gate and multiple ventilation holes to avoid the carrier from being too stuffy, allowing your cats to breathe comfortably during their travels!

With a slip-resistant base and side collection gutter for spilled liquids or urine, Catit Voyageur Cat Carrier helps make your cat’s travel experience a little better even when accidents happen.

Catit Voyageur Cat Carrier also comes with a convenient built-in food and water dish to use on long trips as well as a small top door to pet your cat or give them treats!

Complete with a simple side latch system, reassembling or dismantling the Catit Voyageur Cat Carrier for storage or cleaning is easy and hassle-free.

Catit Voyageur Cat Carrier can also be used to transport your cat on your flights as it is designed to be able to meet airline regulations when used with permanent screws or tie wraps.*

Travel in style with your cat in the Catit Voyageur Cat Carrier that’s available in three different vibrant colours — Blue-Grey, Cherry Red and Turquoise!

*As pet carrier size guidelines and specifications can differ, do check with your airline for more information before your flight.
Small: Cats with a maximum height of 24cm.
Medium: Cats with a maximum height of 27cm.

Product Dimensions
Small: 48 x 33 x 28 cm.
Medium: 57 x 38 x 31 cm.

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