Catit Super Mix Unscented Clumping Cat Litter

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  • Quick-clumping & non-stick for easier scooping.
  • 95% less dust trace & good odour control.
  • Large granules for reduced tracking.
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Catit Super Mix Unscented Clumping Cat Litter - Kohepets

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Catit Super Mix Cat Litter is a quick-clumping, non-sticking cat litter made of bentonite clay that makes scooping less stressful and cleaning a breeze!

Suitable for those with a sensitive nose, Catit Super Mix Cat Litter collects 95% less amount of dust to keep you & your cat from the negative effects of dust.

Catit Super Mix Cat Litter is unscented yet controls bad odour whereby it absorbs the unpleasant smell of waste to keep your home and your cat’s litter box fresh-smelling.

The large granules of Catit Super Mix Cat Litter reduced the amount of tracking as and when your cat leaves her litter box.
Cats of all ages.

Directions For Use
Soiled Catit Super Mix Cat Litter should be scooped daily.

Do not dispose Catit Super Mix Cat Litter in the toilet as clumping litter can block your toilet plumbing. Bentonite litters should be disposed of in the garbage bag.

The recommended amount of Catit Super Mix Cat Litter to be poured is at a 5 to 7cm-thick layer and should be maintained at all times.
7kg & 12kg.

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