15% OFF: Bags on Board Fire Hydrant Dispenser With 30 Refill Bags

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Waste pick-up dispenser with refill bags

Cute fire hydrant design

Comes with 2 rolls of 15 durable and guaranteed leak-proof bags

Easy-dispense opening releases only one bag at a time

Attaches to any leash

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Bags on Board makes it easy for you to pick up after your dog.

This dispenser features a cute fire hydrant design, as no dogs can resist the fire hydrant!

The sturdy design makes for a dependable yet environmentally friendly tool for the most undesirable of tasks.

Bags on Board has an easy-dispense opening that releases just one bag at a time!

The waste bags are strong, durable and guaranteed leak-proof!

This compact, refillable dispenser can house 15 bags at one time and it attaches to any leash, standard or retractable.

With Bags on Board, you'll always have bags with you!