Back-2-Nature Small Animal Paper Bedding & Litter 30L


Back-2-Nature's small animal bedding and litter is the perfect solution for cat litter and small rodent and mammals that require bedding. This is an amazing quality product that features super absorbent material and a major odor reduction. This is very good formula that is perfect for everything from reptiles and birds to rodents, mammals and for cat litter.
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This product is full of features that you just don't find in ordinary cat or small animal litter. It is almost completely free of dust, and it has a very high surface area for amazing absorbency and longer use. It is also much lighter than other products that you may have tried and it is easy to pour and manage. Since it is safe for plumbing you can scoop and flush without any problems.

The crux of the success of this product lies in the cellulose fibers that are compressed tightly into pellets and dried in an oven at temperatures over 150 degrees Celsius. This product doesn't contain any additives and it is perfectly safe and healthy for your cats, and you'll like the fact that it comes from recycled paper, from completely organic and natural products. Back-2-Nature is the ideal litter or bedding for your precious pets.

At last, a natural safe product to improve your pet's quality of life as well as benefit pet owners. Made by Fibrecycle Pty Ltd, a paper recycling company from Australia, Back-2-Nature is made entirely from recycled paper with absolutely no chemicals added. It is a natural organic product that has superior odour control capabilities. Back-2-Nature is the ideal litter rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, chinchillas, rats, mice, gerbils, reptiles, and in fact for all terrestrial animals where waste and odour control is an issue.

Small animals simply love Back-2-Nature Animal Bedding & Litter as it keeps them from dust as it does not break down when wet. It keeps them from pine oil that may be harmful to small animals.

Back-2-Nature comes in 20 and 30 litres.

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