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Complete & balanced bite-sized treats.

Packed with vitamins and minerals.

Contains omega-3 & 6, taurine & antioxidants.

Made with vitamin D, prebiotics & cellulose.

Comes in a pocket-sized resealable bag.

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Aatas Cat Ciao! - Tuna & Shrimp Cat Treats are complete & balanced bite-sized treats; packed with vitamins and minerals that promotes a healthier skin & coat as well. This treats can be enticing and attractive even for cats who are picky with food.

Aatas Cat Happy Time Cat Treats can be mixed with the Aatas cat wet food to make a complete, delicious & high protein meal for your cat.

Formulated to be complete and balanced, Aatas Cat Happy Time Cat Treats is enriched with healthy and beneficial ingredients:

  • Omega-3 & 6 - To maintain a healthy, lustrous and shiny skin & coat.
  • Taurine - An essential amino acid to promote heart and eye health.
  • Antioxidants - For a stronger immune system to protect your cat from harmful free radicals.
  • Vitamin D - To maintain or improve dental and bone health.
  • Prebiotics - For healthier digestion and to encourage better nutrient absorption in your cat’s body.
  • Cellulose - A natural fiber that helps to reduce or eliminate hairballs in your cat’s stomach.
Aatas Cat Happy Time Cat Treats comes in a pocket-sized resealable bag for easy storage and to make it convenient for owners to carry around.

Manufactured with high standards of food safety,Aatas Cat Happy Time Cat Treats strictly adhere to International Manufacturing Practice Standards.

Country Of Origin
Made in Thailand.

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