Wellness Core RawRev Dog Food

Wellness Core RawRev Dog Food is one of the latest lines of premium dog food from Wellness, a reputable and well-known pet food brand in USA!

Designed to incorporate freeze-dried raw with every meal, Wellness Core RawRev consists of the high-protein Wellness Core kibbles your dogs know & love and their new freeze-dried bites.

Wellness Core RawRev Dog Food offers dog owners a convenient and safe way to introduce freeze-dried raw meat into their dog’s diet, all while ensuring their nutritional needs are met.

The freeze-dried bites in Wellness Core RawRev Dog Food also make your dog’s meal exceptionally palatable and add a little oomph to their otherwise ordinary kibbles!

Wellness Core RawRev Dog Food is made in the USA & formulated for all dog breeds; select the right formula for your dog from Ocean, Original, Wild Game, Small Breed and Puppy.

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Wellness Core RawRev Dog Food — Which One Should I Choose?

If your dog suffers from an allergy to poultry meat such as chicken, you would be pleased to know that Wellness Core RawRev Dog Food is now available in Ocean, a poultry-free recipe!

Made with a variety of fishes including whitefish, herring and salmon, Wellness Core RawRev Ocean Dog Food is rich in omega fatty acids, making it an ideal choice for dogs with dry skin.

If your dog is not allergic to poultry, you can choose from the other Wellness Core RawRev formulas, all of which are also grain-free and made without any meat by-products, eggs and artificial preservatives or flavors.

Naturally, if your dog is aged 1 year or below, Wellness Core RawRev Puppy Dog Food would be a suitable choice for him; it has DHA to help promote brain & eye development as he grows.

If your dog is an adult-aged small breed dog, you can also consider feeding him the smaller-bite sized Wellness Core RawRev Small Breed Dog Food.

Wellness Core RawRev Original and Wild Game Dog Food are multi-protein choices you can also consider, depending on your dog’s dietary restrictions and preferences.

Wellness Core RawRev Dog Food — Which One Should I Choose?