Pidan Pet Accessories

Pidan Pet Accessories will make your dreams of a sleek & stylish pet room for your precious cat or dog come true with their affordably-priced range of minimalist pet furniture and toys!

Founded in 2015, Pidan strives to make the aesthetic lifestyle accessible to all pet owners; not only are their pet accessories & furniture pleasing to the eye, but functional & innovative as well.

Pidan is the perfect brand for pet owners who appreciate good design and want their home to reflect their tastes; they are after all a two-time winner of the Red Dot Design Award!

Designed mostly in soft, neutral colours and minimalistic shapes, Pidan Pet Accessories is sure to complement any home aesthetic and fit in every modern, pet-friendly household.

Pidan’s pet products will definitely spark joy in you & your pet’s life; why settle for clashing designs & colors, when your pet furniture & accessories can look aesthetically-pleasing?

Pidan Cat Trees & Beds

Pidan has an extensive variety of places for your cat to play, hide and sleep in, including cat furniture such as cat trees, beds, hammocks, cubes and tunnels.

Their Pidan Catube Cat Tunnel even won them a Red Dot Design Award in 2019 - made of four detachable carpet squares, you can join them to customise a fun playground for your cat!

Pidan’s other cat beds like the Cupcake Bed & Cat Hammock are also unsurprisingly one of their most popular designs; who could resist them when they look so adorable yet fashionable?

And if like most cats, your cat loves to climb and explore cosy nooks & crannies, your cat and you will love the scratchable & eco-friendly range of Pidan Boxkitty cat cubes and castles!

Pidan’s Modular Cat Trees are also a big favourite with cat households that need a little space optimization; simply remove a few squares, place them around the house & surprise your cat!

Pidan Cat Trees & Beds

Pidan Cat Toys

Pidan knows how important it is for your cats to stay engaged and entertained while they’re home alone and you’re out at work, hence their wide range of interactive cat toys!

Made with the modern day pet owner in mind, Pidan designed some cat toys for days when you’re busy, and some cat toys for when you want to bond with your cats.

Pidan Teaser Wand Cat Toys are like your typical cat wand toys but better; they come in different designs, such as Extended (longer), with a Wooden Handle, and a Suction Cup.

One of the best things about Pidan cat toys is that you can get various replacement parts for variety (such as Teaser tassels & feathers), or in the event that it gets destroyed by your cat!

Pidan also has cat toys for when you need to keep your cat occupied alone at home; they have Ball Toys containing a bell, flashing light or catnip, as well as toys they can bat around with.

Playful cats will especially love the Pidan Roly Poly Feather Teaser Cat Toy and Pidan Balloon Cat Toy; the latter is a battery-operated version of the Roly Poly, & rotates by itself to keep your cat entertained!

Pidan Cat Toys

Pidan Cat Bowls, Grooming & Hygiene

Pidan makes elevated bowls specially for cats too; the Pidan S Cat Bowl comes in two muted colours that would look good in any kitchen, and are easy to dismantle and clean!

And of course, what goes in has to come out; cat litter boxes are often neglected when it comes to design; it might surprise you to know what Pidan won another Red Dot Design Award for.

Pidan clinched it in 2016 for their uniquely designed Igloo Cat Litter Box that uses Ionpure Japanese antibacterial technology - it’s not often that one wins an award for a cat litter box!

We all know how often cat litter boxes usually come in lurid colours that would hurt our eyes, the Pidan Igloo Cat Litter Box however comes in four gorgeous pastel colours to choose from.

Pidan also makes an ergonomic Self-Grooming Cat Brush that is easy for you to attach to any table leg; now your cat can have a satisfying massage anytime she wants!

Pidan Cat Bowls, Grooming & Hygiene

Pidan Dog Toys, Bowls & Beds

Pidan offers your dog various lifestyle accessories such as dog toys, bowls and beds with a touch of a contemporary and minimalistic design that will fit beautifully in your home!

Their interactive Pidan Lollipop Treats Dispenser Dog Toy are a treat within a treat - it satisfies your dog’s chewing needs while rewarding him with treats they come in cute candy colours too.

Pidan also ensures that your dog is always dining in style with their pastel-coloured Pidan Dual Dog Bowls & modish, translucent Pidan Iceberg & Volcano Dog Bowls!

And when the weather gets too hot (which happens more often than not, in tropical Singapore!), your dog can curl up on the adorable summer-inspired Pidan Ice Cream Pet Bed to cool off.

Pidan also provides your dog with comfortable beds like the wooden Pidan Rectangular Pet Bed (that comes with a snuggly mini mattress & pillow) or the adorably squishy Pidan Cupcake Pet Bed!

Pidan Dog Toys, Bowls & Beds

Pidan Outdoor Pet Accessories

Pidan ensures that your pet has a wonderful time outdoors by offering you a convenient way to keep him constantly hydrated; portable pet bottles and feeders are the key to a stress-free day!

With the Pidan Travel Pet Bottle, your pet will never have to worry about feeling thirsty while he is playing under the hot sun, a simple press of a button will freshen him up for more play time.

Pidan values convenience but also makes sure that your pet is fashionable at all times, with their range of travel pet bottles coloured in delightful and elegant pastels!

If you wish to share your water bottle with your pet, the Pidan Water Pet Feeder would be perfect for you - with it, you won’t have to bring two water bottles out anymore.

Pidan Water Pet Feeders are available in green, brown and grey, and compatible with all standard water bottles, just remove the cap of your water bottle and attach it to the feeder!

With so many pet products to complement both active and relaxed lifestyles, Pidan is sure to be your pet’s and your new favourite brand of pet products.

Pidan Outdoor Pet Accessories