Fussie Cat Market Fresh Dry Food

Everyone knows that cats are notoriously fussy when it comes to their food. What’s the point of providing puss the best in nutrition if they won’t eat it? So Fussie Cat has turned to the experts in cat food, actual cats, and they know exactly what they want. Cats are carnivores by nature; they thrive on an high animal protein, low carbohydrate diet. With this in mind, Fussie Cat always uses quality meats as the main ingredients in their recipes. Pairing their knowledge with the feedback collected, Fussie Cat has created Fussie Cat Market Fresh in 3 delicious Physiologically Tuned™ recipes. Using the freshest and finest ingredients, Fussie Cat Market Fresh is one of the most palatable foods specially tailored for felines.
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Fussie Cat Market Fresh Dry Food

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