Dog Essentials On Rainy Days Out

Dog Essentials On Rainy Days Out

What are some rainy day dog essentials I should get to prepare for rainy days walk? Most dogs are generally very active animals, and love to run and play on days out. Some breeds of dogs are more active, hence they will enjoy having at least once daily walks. Despite that, do you walk your dogs on rainy days?

You can bring your dogs out for walks on rainy days, but you should be prepared for the few challenges that come with rainy day walks. In this article, we will be listing some dog essentials for your dogs on a rainy day out. Fret not if you are stuck indoors, because we will also suggest some fun rainy day activities for you and your pooch.

Rainy Day Dog Essentials For Walks

Doggie Boots

Doggie Boots is one Rainy Day Dog Essentials to protect their paws from foreign objects.
Ruffwear Grip Trex All-Terrain Dog Boots (Red Currant)

Most dogs love rolling and playing in muds, while some dislike the wet, muddy and slushy mud. But what can you do to protect your furry paw from the mud? — Doggie Boots

Doggie Boots might sound foreign and new to you, but they do exist! Like human rain boots, they protect your dog’s paws. It is especially essential for canines with sensitive paw pads. The boots will protect your canines paw from stones, rocks, and other sharp objects while keeping them nice and dry during walks. This is one important dog essential for a rainy day out that you should get!

However, if your dog refuses to wear doggie boots and their paws or feet get wet and dirty after each walk. We recommend the Gosh! EasyPaw Automatic Paw Washer.

Gosh! EasyPaw Automatic Paw Washer is an easy to use portable paw washer for dogs.
Gosh! EasyPaw Automatic Paw Washer

This easy-to-use pet tech device will save you from messy floors and carpets. It will also save you the trouble of having to clean your dog’s muddy paws after each walk. You dog can simply dip his paw into the washer for a comfy yet massaging clean. Other than it being a convenient device, it is also portable!

Dog Raincoat

A dog in a doggy raincoat. A dog raincoat is also a rainy day dog essentials to prevent them from getting all wet and cold

Worried if your dogs will be warm during a chilly rainy day walk? Putting them in a raincoat will definitely help to keep your canine pal warm and dry during the walk. Not only are dog raincoats available in different colours, they are also windproof and waterproof, made with PVC free fabric!

In addition, the availability of the colourful raincoats allows for more visibility to motorists and passers-by. This ensures the safety of you, your pooch and the people. Most raincoats for dogs are also made to be easy to put on and take off. It is also easy to clean and dry!

Reflective Collar/Leash

Rain can decrease visibility. But why? It is because rain drops reduce the amount of light reflected into our eyes, hence the reduced visibility. Therefore, a reflective collar and/or leash can protect you and your pooch on rainy days. We recommend the Red Dingo Reflective Dog Lead – Small.

Umbrella or Raincoat/Hat

This is more for your benefit than your pooch’s. You want to stay safe and dry when walking your dogs. This is so that you will be able to stay alert and attentive for your dog(s). If you have a free hand and can manage both an umbrella and your dog, this may be your best course of action. However, if you need a free hand, we recommend a sturdy rain hat or raincoat/waterproof poncho!

Water Resistant Bag

Unless you are taking your dog out for a quick walk to do their business, you should pack a waterproof bag with a few essentials. They should include basics such as spare leash/collar, poop bags, treats, a collapsible dish bowl and bottled fresh water.

Rainy Day Tips For Dogs

Here are some additional tips for walking your dog during a rainstorm other than rainy day dog essentials. In need of tips for walking your dog during a rainstorm? Read on to discover some!

Check Weather Forecast

Rainy day walks can be dangerous, hence, you should always check the weather forecast for weather warnings before venturing outside.

Pack Extra(s)!

If you plan to hike/walk to a dog park, a sturdy hiking harness is extremely important! You should also pack some dry towels, a laundry trash bag for wet and dirty towels. A dry, warm and comfy blanket can also be brought along for the trip back home! These are also some rainy day essentials you can consider when going in a hike or walk.

Be Prepared

Make sure your mobile device is fully charged and stored in a safe, waterproof travel bag! You don’t want an emergency situation where you are stuck somewhere without a fully charged cell phone. It also won’t hurt to bring along a waterproof flashlight if you have access to one! Emergencies are unpredictable just like the weather conditions, it won’t hurt to this in the list of rainy day dog essentials!

Plan Ahead

Plan the route to take before commencing any walks! It is better to choose a safe and relaxed route. You might also want to consider avoiding busy roads and paths with no proper pavements! Neither would you want to be splashed by puddles when vehicles drive past nor do you want loud noises. This is because your pooch may get frightened from the loud noises.

Indoor Dog-Friendly Place(s)

If you can’t go outdoors, bring your pooch out for a walk indoors! You can take your furry friend to dog-friendly cafes, coffee houses and restaurants. However, it is important that you check with them before making a visit or reservation! Depending on the pet stores, some may also allow pets to enter. If so, bring your pets on a shopping spree!

Indoor Dog Parks

Singapore's Indoor Dog Park showing a dog running up the obstacle course.

An alternative for outdoor walks on rainy days are indoor doggie parks! They are growing in numbers and can be found easily around Singapore. In addition, there are also numerous day care/camp programs that are specially catered for dogs.

Anxiety Relief

A dog in his ThunderShirt Anxiety Relief For Dogs - Grey. It is a rainy day dog essential
ThunderShirt Anxiety Relief For Dogs – Grey

If your dogs suffer from anxiety or stress, bring along their Thunder shirt for anxiety relief to keep them calm and collected! Most dogs are afraid of thunders simply because they do not know what it is, hence they assume it to be threatening. Therefore, it should be an important item in your list of dog essentials when going out for a walk during rainy weather.

Read here to find out more on ways you can deal with anxiety in dogs.

How To Entertain Your Dog On A Rainy Day

Weather conditions are unpredictable, there are going to be days when you will be stuck indoors. But that should not stop you from having fun with your dogs during the inclement weather conditions! Stated below are some fun activities you can engage with your dog:

Doggie Play Date

A group of 3 puppies during a playdate

Arrange a playdate with one of your pooch’s friends. A visit from their furry BFF during a rainy day will keep them happy and engaged!

Tug Of War

A dog playing a tug of war game with its owner

A tug of war game never grows old or boring with your dogs! It is a simple game and all you need is a toy or a dog rope. This simple tool will set a fun adventure for your furry friend!

Indoor Game Of Fetch

Playing fetch in the house is often not encouraged. The main reason for that is solely because of the fear of damaging furniture. However, you can make an exception during inclement weather if you have the space. It would be ideal if you have a long hallway in your house — it would be the perfect spot to play fetch!

A puppy biting on to a tennis ball after playing fetch indoors

You can use a tennis ball, a soft chew toy or your pooch’s favourite stuffed animal toy. However, you have to remember to remove any obstacles or breakables before playing — this is to ensure safe play between your dog and yourself!

Treat Treasure Hunt

Treasure Hunt is a fun game for both you and your dog! Not only is it fun, it also stimulates your pooch’s mind and hunting instinct. You can start by hiding some of their favourite treats in easy-to-find and safe places. Before you start hiding the treats, make them sit while you hide the treats and command them to look for the treats after you are done!

A interactive dog toy that alternates as a treasure hunt game during raining days.

Other than hiding the treats in areas of your house, you could also get interactive dog toys that have the same purpose and entertainment for your dogs!

Learn A New Trick

When could you find a better time to hone your dog’s training? Be it working on the same old tricks, you can also use this time to teach them brand new tricks. This is one fun way for you and your pooch to pass on some time all while sharpening their physical and mental skills!

Cuddle Time

What’s a better way to spend a rainy day then heading out? It’s cuddling up with your favourite furball watching Netflix or listening to some calm music! Before you do that, you might want to tire them out a bit, this will work for more active breeds and younger dogs. However, cuddling will work better with older dogs or those who are couch potatoes!

Make Homemade Dog Treats

A dog peaking over the counter at the delicious homemade dog treats.

This is always a fun activity. Of course, you will be the one doing all the work, but your dog gets to enjoy the reward! There are dozens of fun and easy recipes for homemade dog treats online that are safe for your dog.

Baking and inventing new foods are always fun! Although, you will be the one doing all the work, the joy will come from looking at your dogs and enjoying the rewards. There are many fun and easy recipes for mastering homemade dog treats online — Fret not! They are all safe for your dog’s consumption!

Read here to find out interesting homemade dog treat recipes for your favourite pooch!