Covid-19: Keeping your family and furkids safe

Covid-19: Keeping your family and furkids safe

As Singapore slowly lifts more circuit breaker restrictions, more people are concerned about how to best protect their family.Some countries around the world are considering returning into lockdowns status. Health experts are reiterating the significance of social distancing at this time of crisis. It has been established that Covid-19 can only be contained effectively if every individual around the world acts responsibility.Amidst the chaos, the pet community has a something positive to hold on to:Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (C.D.C.) and the World Health Organization (W.H.O.) have confirmed that pets cannot contract Covid-19. The virus however, is still changing the lives of pets and their parents around the world even as some countries soften lockdown restrictions.Despite that, Covid-19 safety measures could mean that some pups and kittens might be stuck indoors for awhile longer. With the exception of private gardens, this means adapting to a new lifestyle for the time being. While it is difficult, Kohepets is here to gives some tips on how to keep your family safe – this includes furkids!

Walk Your Dog, But Be Careful!

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It might be wise to keep your dog indoors until the pandemic dies down. However, some high-energy dogs that cannot be satiated with toys or indoor play time might require more outdoor time. If you do choose to take your dog for a walk, here are some necessary precautions you could take:

  • Limit your walks to areas close to your house instead of venturing to parks and crowded spaces. (Note that this is only applicable if you and your family members are free from coronavirus)
  • During walks, ensure that your dog does not come into contact with other people or animals.
  • Maintain a strict 1 – 2 meter distance away from other people you come across.
  • Even for dogs who are good without leashes, it is recommended that you keep them close by during this time.
  • Make sure you thoroughly clean their paws with disinfecting wipes when you enter the house with them again. You can also make use of the brilliant EasyPaw Automatic Washer.

Stock Necessary Supplies

With lockdown regulations changing, there is no stable prediction of the situation at the moment. It is best to make sure you have sufficient pet food to last for at least 2 months.Also remember to have enough essentials like poo bags, dog treats, cat litter, cleaning supplies and essential first aid items.

Engage With Your Pet

Dog Pulling His Toy

One positive outcome from recent events is that we get to spend more time with our family and furkids! Your children (especially teenagers) might not appreciate your constant presence but your dog or cat most surely will! Make it count even more by dedicating some of your time to playing with them. Whether it’s fetch or playing with a tug toy, your dog will be grateful for this extra time with you. You can try to keep your pets mentally active and healthy by hiding treats for them around the house (there’s nothing like a good scavenger hunt!) or even wrapping something yummy up in an old cloth for them to find. Remember that some dogs are easily bored, so this is the best time to keep them mentally engaged, even if physical activity has gone down. The key is to ensure that the inside becomes as fun for them as playing outside.It is also important to monitor your pet’s mood at this time, and make sure you make changes accordingly. If they seem to be getting depressed or bored, it is time to find something new to interest them in. On the other hand, if they seem to be eating too much and getting lazy with physical activity, make sure you engage in physical play to keep them active and fit, and avoid impending problems like obesity. 

Tabby Kittens on Floral Comforter

Use Interactive Toys

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While it is a great idea to play with your pet, it is also important to remember that they must be independent and capable of spending time on their own, or you might have separation anxiety issues at your hands once the pandemic is over. This is something many pet owners are neglecting right now. We encourage letting your pet play on their own with interactive toys. Motion sensor mouse toys for cats and Kong Rambler for dogs are just a few suggestions. These will not only help keep your pet learn to stay happy and entertained alone, but will also keep them out of the way while you try to work from home!

Keep Healthy Treats Handy

Staying at home for months at a time can make it difficult to watch your diet, and you may be transferring poor eating habits to your dog! Remember to not share your food with them, and to keep healthy treats on hand instead. You can buy healthy air-died dog treats or even make your own. Some great ideas are homemade peanut butter cookies, apple slices, carrots or celery. They will keep them munching instead of begging for your food.

Safety First!

Photo of Women Wearing Face Masks While Running With Their Dogs

While this may be a difficult time, it is essential to take the safety precautions to ensure both you and your pet stay safe during this time. Here is a list of safety rules to remember at all times!

  • Wash your hands. Your dog or cat is probably safe from the virus, but they can be a carrier of the disease. Make sure you wash your hands for 20 seconds before you pet them, feed them, play with them, and especially after you return home from outside. 
  • Keep your pet away from other people. Being pet or hugged by another person containing the virus can leave traces of germs on your pet, which is why it is best to politely let people know not to come close to your pet at this time. 
  • Keep them away from other animals. Unfortunately, it is not safe to let your dog or cat play with their neighborhood pets until the virus lasts.
  • Avoid public spaces. The dog park and other public spaces are a no-go. If you must walk your dog, make sure it is within the block and at least 6 feet away from other animals and people.
  • Maintain distance if you contract coronavirus. If you or any other family member has the virus, it is best to maintain distance from your pet and keep the person isolated until they have fully recovered. 

There is no better time than quarantine to show your pet all the love you have for them! Many people fail to recognise that pets are a huge blessing and keep us sane at this difficult time. We at Kohepets wish you and your pets the best of health, and hope we all emerge out of this pandemic healthy, happy, and more grateful then ever.