Yogi Water Bowl II


Simple disassembly and easy cleaning

The bowl sufficiently holds 1L of water

Drink safe without worrying about germs or dust

Pet's hair stays clean and dry
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Yogi Water Bowl II is designed to keep your little one's muzzle and ears dry while drinking. Simply put the top (in green) into the base (in white) and fill it with water.

The inner bowl reduces the surface of water from dust, allowing your pet to drink cleaner water! When your cat or dog licks, it presses the top plate hence, only a sip of water will be exposed. So more spilling of water or wet hair for your cat or dog.

Yogi Water Bowl II is 98.7% antibacterial and made of Zeomic, the world's first silver-base inorganic antimicrobial agent it boasts excellent safety, sustainability, heat resistance etc.

Yogi Water Bowl II is a great alternative for pet owners who do not want to get an electricity-powered drinking fountain.

Polypropylene, zeomic

220 x 220 x 90 mm

Suitable For
Cats and Dogs of all ages.

Country Of Origin
Made In South Korea

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