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WOOGA Natural & Organic Ticks Repellent Spray 120ml


Item discontinued until further notice

Made with essential oils and witch hazel

Helps repel ticks and fleas

Helps soothe irritations, heal spots & reduce sores

Safe for puppies and kids
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WOOGA Natural & Organic Ticks Repellent Spray uses organic essential blend and witch hazel to help repel ticks & fleas by masking your pets' smell, making them less attractive to pests.

Witch Hazel is a natural astringent. It helps to sooth irritation, heal spots and reduce sores or swelling.

Our Witch Hazel is extracted from the leaves, bark, flower of the hemamilis tree. Our hydrofoil is processed using a UV filter to remove impurities and so it contains no chemicals and no preservatives.

  • Alcohol-free Witch Hazel - Reduce sores and swelling. Sooth irritation, treat and prevent spots.
  • Lemongrass - Astringent, refreshing, revitalising. Insect repellent deterring: mosquitoes, ticks, fleas, lices. Natural deodorant for pet odour.
  • Lavender - Soothing and calming for body and mind. Can relieve symptoms of anxiety. Revitalising, antibacterial, healing and soothing to skin.
  • Cinnamon Bark - Help with many digestive problems. Can be useful to arthritis. Natural pest repellent.
  • Geranium - May relieve symptoms of anxiety and depression. Natural pest repellent.
  • Eucalyptus - Antiseptic, effectively kills germs and bacteria. Especially good for airborne germs. Natural pest repellent.
  • Cedarwood - Calming, detoxifying, soothing. Repels moths, woodworm, rats and mice. Natural pest repellent.
  • White Grapefruit - Refreshing, upfliting, detoxifying, anti-depressant. Natural pest repellent.

    Alcohol-free Witch Hazel, Purified water, Organic Essential Oil Blend - Lemongrass, Lavender, Cinnamon Bark, Geranium, Eucalyptus, Cedarwood, White Grapefruit
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    WOOGA Natural & Organic Ticks Repellent Spray 120ml - Kohepets

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    WOOGA Natural & Organic Ticks Repellent Spray 120ml

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