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Vitakraft VitaLife Probiotic African Parrot Bird Food 650g


Item discontinued until further notice

All natural ingredients - selected blend of seeds, figs and more

Sugarless recipe with no preservative substance

Enriched with Probiotic, Immun Active, Pro Bone and Feather Care

Supports various bodily functions as well as the overall well-beinng

Ideal for parrots such as African Greys
VitaLife Probiotic African Parrot is a veterinary developed food that is tuned accordingly to the nutritional requirements of the parrots.

The balanced blend of selected seeds and other natural ingredients such as figs are used in this recipe.

VitaLife Probiotic African Parrot contains no sugar and no preservative substances.

With natural ingredients and vital builders, this food is ideal for parrots such as the african grey parrots.

Features of VitaLife Probiotic African Parrot :
(1) Enriched with Probiotic - To support a healthy intestinal flora.
(2) Feather Care - With methionine and high-quality fatty acids from flax seed for a healthy plumage.
(3) Immune Activ - Beta-glucans strengthen the immune system.
(4) Pro Bones - Optimum calcium / phosphorus ratio supports healthy bones.

Cereal, Seeds, Fruits, Vegetables, Minerals, Derivatives of Vegetable origin, Oils and Fats, Vegetable Proteins Extracts, Yeast, Honey.

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Vitakraft VitaLife Probiotic African Parrot Bird Food 650g - Kohepets

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Vitakraft VitaLife Probiotic African Parrot Bird Food 650g

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