VETRESKA Bubble Carrier For Cats & Dogs (Pink, Transparent)



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  • A unique, luggage-style pet carrier that’s easy to travel with!
  • Comes a cooling mat and a warmer, fluffy cushion.
  • 13 large ventilation holes for optimal airflow.
  • Lightweight and sturdy polycarbonate shell with a great view.
  • 360 degree spinning wheels that operate quietly.
  • Suitable for cats and small dogs.
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VETRESKA Bubble Carrier For Cats & Dogs is specially designed to provide your pet with a comfortable environment on the go, while still allowing you to travel and navigate in style!

Unlike backpacks that are commonly used to bring feline friends out, VETRESKA Bubble Carrier For Cats & Dogs’ unique luggage-style makes it easy to bring your pet around without weighing on your shoulders too much.

VETRESKA Bubble Carrier For Cats & Dogs features 13 large ventilation holes that ensure optimal airflow inside the carrier, preventing it from getting too stuffy or warm.

Each VETRESKA Bubble Carrier For Cats & Dogs also comes with a smooth, cooling mat that’s great for our warm weather, as well as a warmer, fluffy cushion for cooler, air-conditioned environments.

VETRESKA Bubble Carrier For Cats & Dogs’ quality hardware features a lightweight, sturdy polycarbonate shell, along with 360 degree quiet, spinning wheels and an aluminium reinforced adjustable handle.

Entirely transparent, VETRESKA Bubble Carrier For Cats & Dogs makes for a truly unobstructed sightseeing expedition for any pet, while still maintaining their safety in this bubble carrier.

VETRESKA Bubble Carrier For Cats & Dogs is suitable for cats and small dogs, and can also be found in a much less transparent, opaque version that includes a large protection peach sticker here.

VETRESKA Bubble Carrier For Cats & Dogs (Pink, Transparent) is also available in Green, Transparent and Green, Opaque, that comes with a cute watermelon sticker.

Suitable For
Cats and small dogs.

Product Material
100% Polycarbonate, ABS.

Product Size
L16.5 x W9.8 x H19.5in (L41.9 x W24.9 x H49.6cm).

Product Weight

Please Note
Bringing timid, anxious pets (especially indoor cats) out in a carrier like this can be an incredibly stressful activity that some pets might just never get used to. Please exercise caution when choosing to buy this product.

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VETRESKA stands out with its innovative pet essentials, catering to cats and dogs with a flair for style. Their unique cactus and cherry cat trees blend functionality with modern design, while durable pet carriers ensure safe travels. This brand redefines pet care, merging aesthetics with practicality for discerning pet owners.

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