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1x FREE Unicharm Cat Litter Box Top Deck Pellet Refill 2L (RRP $14.50)
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Comes with 1 litter scoop, 1 x sheet and 1 x cat litter 2L.

Unique double deck system.

Convenient & easy to clean.

Helps control odours by absorbing excess urine.

Made in Japan.

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Unicharm Deo Toilet Half Cover Cat Litter Box has a double deck system making it easy to clean and very convenient for cat owners.

Its top deck should be filled with Unicharm Cat Litter which will smoothly filter urine flow to the bottom deck, keeping it dry and clean.

Unicharm Deo Toilet Half Cover Cat Litter Box also has a bottom deck where you can insert in absorbent sheets like Unicharm Cat Litter Box Bottom Deck Sheet Refill 4pc to absorb excess urine and prevent unpleasant odours.

With the Unicharm Cat Litter Box Bottom Deck Sheet, it’s easy to monitor your cat’s health as blood from pee is clearly detectable on the sheet.

Fun fact: Unicharm Deo Toilet Half Cover Cat Litter Box is the No. 1 Cat Toilet with 1.5 million units sold in Japan!

Suitable For
Cats of all ages.

Directions For Use
It is recommended that you change the cat litter in the top deck once a month, and the bottom deck sheet once a week.

Product Dimensions
W40 x L52.5 x H26 cm
Front height of litter tray: 15 cm.

Product Material
Cat litter box system (Polypropylene), Top deck pellet (Zeolite, Silica gel), Bottom deck sheet (Polyolefin nonwoven fabric, Cotton-like pulp, Water absorbing paper, Polymeric water absorbing material, Polyethylene film, Antibacterial agent, Hot melt adhesive, Deodorant microcapsule with fragrance).

Country Of Origin
Made in Japan.

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Customer Reviews

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Cat B

Tried this for the first time, good to use. My kitten knows where to poop/pee and it doesn’t stink as much. Will definitely be back to purchase more of this :)


Clean and dust free
Easy to clear poo and pee.