The Cat Tongue Ceramic Feeding Bowl


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Handmade and imported from Japan

Incorporates special functions and aspects for efficient feeding

Perfect for Senior cats and messy eaters

Made from fine and Exquisite Japanese Ceramic

Free of lead, cadmium, BPA or phthalate
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The Cat Tongue Ceramic Feeding Bowl is handmade and imported from Japan and its custom design incorporates special ergonomic function and design for efficient, whisker stress-free feeding.

Feeding trials have shown that The Cat Tongue bowl:
  • Reduces feeding times up to 30%
  • Reduces excess head movement up to 30% (less stress)

    Due to its special design features, the Cat Tongue is recommended by vets for cats who have difficulty eating, such as cats that cannot stand, senior cats, or ailing cats. Here's why!

    Benefits of The Cat Tongue bowl
  • Lower front: Its sloped design allows cats to eat with ease, even when lying down; the front of the bowl measures a mere 0.3 inches (0.76cm)!
  • Wide entry front: Instead of the usual circular shape, The Cat Tongue has a wide & straight entry front that measures 3.75 inches (approx. 9.5cm). Your cat's neck will have more space and a comfortable distance between her and her food.
  • Depth and size of pocket: The "pocket" area where you put the food is designed to perfectly fit your cat's face and provide ample space for her chin. It is also deep enough to prevent messy eaters from spilling food everywhere.
  • Gradually tiered slopes: The back wall helps your cat easily scoop her food up with her tongue, whether it is wet or dry food. The slopes around the bowl prevent her from having to chase her food around the dish, or let her nose touch the dish.
  • Solid and sturdy weight: The Cat Tongue weighs approx. 1lb (450g); its weight combined with its sturdy ceramic design makes it difficult for cats to flip over.

    Made from fine and exquisite Japanese ceramics, The Cat Tongue bowl contains applied clay, which is a pure form of earth from Seto City, one of the three highest quality clay deposits in the world.

    Using custom clay and glaze, The Cat Tongue is created by master artisans practicing traditional pottery techniques and quality workmanship. These artisans are master craftsmen of legendary Seto ceramics in Aichi Prefecture, Japan, and specialize in a thousand year old art of traditional pottery techniques.

    Story Behind The Cat Tongue
    Yuko Michizoe fostered 10 cats over a period of 3 years, and was unable to find a bowl that could work with all the cats. It wasn't easy feeding them as some were senior cats (of which a few had no teeth!), or were stressed by their whiskers touching the bowl. Others were messy eaters, or needed a specific prescription diet.

    Yuko wished for a bowl that would fun and easy to use for both herself and the cats. Ceramic was the ideal choice of material for her as it was the most resilient to bacteria build-up. Using the small experience she had with pottery, Yuko spent 2 years researching and developing The Cat Tongue.

    She monitored how her 10 cats ate, and after many revisions and sculpting 12 models, she finished designing The Cat Tongue. Yuko then sought the expertise and input from professional Japanese ceramic craftsmen, and finally, produced The Cat Tongue as what it is today.

    Help a cat with every bowl
    In keeping with how The Cat Tongue design came about, for every cat bowl bought Can & Clover will also be donating 4 cans of canned food to a cat charity/shelter here in Singapore.

    Huntington White Japanese Ceramic

    Product Dimensions
    L6.25in x W5.75in x H1.75in. Contains up to 1/4 cup (2oz or 4 tbsp).

    Product Safety
    The Cat Tongue bowl has undergone official examination for Lead and Cadmium under the compliance by US FDA standards and Japan Ministry of Health & Welfare.
    It is Lead and Cadmium free and with no BPA or phthalate. US & International Patent Pending.

    High Temperature Resistance
    Up to 356 Degree F (180 Degree C). The Cat Tongue Ceramic Feeding Bowl is Microwave and Dishwasher Safe.

    Country Of Origin

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