Talon Advance Bedding Management Pine Litter 15.9kg


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Made from 100% Northwest White Pine

More Absorbent Than Wood Shavings, Crumbled Newspaper & Corn Cob

No Additives or Chemicals

100% Biodegradable

Long-lasting & Durable (Used in Horse Stalls & Zoo)

Made in Canada

Highly Recommended For Pet Owners With Multiple Pets

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Talon ABM Pine Litter is an animal bedding material manufactured from 100% Northwest White Pine with approximately 4% moisture content.

Compared to regular wood shavings, our product will absorb more moisture, greatly suppresses ammonia, and provides a cleaner, safer and more pleasant living environment for your animals.

Pine is a natural deodorizer and can control and suppress ammonia the natural way. There are NO ADDITIVES or CHEMICALS in our production process. Eagle Valley ABM will keep your stalls, cages or pens drier, brighter and healthier.

Most of the resins, oils, tars, acids and water are extracted from the wood fibre during the processing, leaving a completely sterile, extremely absorbent product in granulated form. No harmful aromatic hydrocarbons remain.

Excellent for:
  • Small Caged Animals
  • Dog and Cat (pen and litter box)
  • Reptiles
  • Horses (stable and trailer)
  • Family Livestock (cattle, goats, lambs)
  • Poultry