Stefanplast Super Queen Cat Litter Box


Measures 55 x 71 x 46.5 cm.

Very Spacious.

Suitable for Multi and/or Large Cats like Maine Coon.

Easily Transportable Without Fear Of Leaving Undesirable Traces of Cat Litter.

Comes with Carbon Filter for Odor Control.

Available in Green, Blue, Powder Pink & Steel Blue.

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The Stefanplast Super Queen Cat Litter Box is like a jumbo version of the Cathy litter box.

Made with premium non-toxic plastic in Italy, it is easy to move with built-in handle, dismantle and clean.

Available in two colours - Green, Blue, Powder Pink and Steel Blue.

Product Dimensions: 55 x 71 x 46.5 cm

Does not come with litter scoop.

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