Spotty Training Place


Training your dog to pee and poop in a certain area of your home is an absolute must, for many reasons. With the Spotty Training Place you can do just that with ease! This mat provides your dog with a place to go when you may be out of the home. It is ideal for those who simply cannot take their dogs out during the day.
Features Scented Grass

The Spotty Training Place is a revelation! It is a groundbreaking training system for puppies and indoor dogs. It offers a grass inlay that is embedded with a proprietary ingredient that has been known to attract dogs. The snap in channel grid holds the Spotty training pads in place. It works by separating and absorbing liquid pet waste to help control the odor for up to a week. The grass inlay means that you no longer have to worry about shredded puppy pads being strewn throughout your home as it is tough enough to stand the scratching and biting of new puppies. Since the Spotty Training pads will last up to a week without smelling up your home, you will be saving time and money as you will use fewer pads and have less of a mess to clean up.

- Dimensions: 28" x 24"
- Doggy Attract - Embedded in our grass and pads, is our top secret proprietary ingredient known to naturally attract dogs
- WaterLock - Our special ingredient in our pads absorbs 100 times its volume in liquid. Grabs and holds 20x more liquid than paper
- Oxy OdorZorb - provides superior odor trapping and neutralizing properties. Delivers prolonged odor control
- Spotty Training Place Includes:
2 Deep well basins
2 Snap-in channel grids
Grass inlay
2 Spotty Training Place Pads
5 Cleansing wipes
Training Pamphlet

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