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  • Dual effect spot on based on Dinotefuran: Kills fleas before they can bite and helps prevent diseases and allergies!
  • Effective protection of fleas over their life cycle from egg to adult flea
  • Fast Acting- Eliminates through contact in 6 hours. Parasite don't have to bite to die!
  • Long Lasting- Protect your cat up to 1 month
  • Safe- 3rd generation active ingredient. Minimum chemicals.
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The active ingredients spread throughout the cat’s body from head to tail and kill all fleas & mites in 6 hours.

Perfect protection from fleas & mites for 30 days.

Kills and repels fleas, mites, flies and mosquitoes in less than 24 hours.

Prevents eggs and fleas in immature stages from developing into adults.

Kills fleas before they have a chance to bite and spread disease.

Prevent diseases and allergies.

00% Safe, 100% Effective, 100% Green Product!
The active ingredients in Solpreme Cat (Dinotefuran and Piperonyl Butoxide) and the innovative formulation are very efficient and safe for the cat, the owner and environment. Green Chemicals, No PVC, halogen & heavy metals free.

All Ingredients

26% Dinotefuran
6% Piperonyl Butoxide
3rd generation insecticide, very effective against fleas and gives your cat the perfect protection at all times. Kills all life stage of fleas include eggs and larvae.

Piperonyl Butoxide

Is not an insecticide. It acts as a synergist, meaning it makes the insecticides more effective. Piperonyl Butoxide works by inhibiting the natural defense mechanism of the insect.
Cats weighing over 4kg. Cats must be over 8 weeks old.

Precautionary Statements
For External Use Only
For Animal Treatment Only
Read instructions before use.
Adult (Large) - 4 Pipettes x 0.8 ml

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