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Helps to prevent your pet from biting or chewing on items.

Has a bitter and displeasing taste.

Can be used on furniture in or outside the house.

Does not contain alcohol and is non-stinging.

Effective on most surfaces.

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Simple Solution Indoor/Outdoor Deterrent is a safe and harmless solution that helps to prevent your cat or dog from biting and chewing on furniture around and outside of the house.

By having a pleasant smell but a bitter and displeasing taste, Simple Solution Indoor/Outdoor Deterrent keeps your pet from attacking your couch, shoes, garden etc.

Simple Solution Indoor/Outdoor Deterrent does not contain alcohol and will not sting or harm your pet, and is also effective on most surfaces when used as specified.

Suitable For
Cats & dogs.

Directions For Use
Spray a generous amount of Simple Solution Indoor/Outdoor Deterrent on the affected and surrounding area.

If the area is on carpet, make sure to saturate the carpet backing and padding as well.

Wait for 10 minutes and blot away the excess product with a colour-safe cloth for the best results.

Let the area air-dry completely for 24-48 hours.

Product Ingredients
Proprietary bittering agents in a water base, grape seed extract, lemon extract and natural bitter cherry flavor.

Country Of Origin
Made in USA.

Product Weight
473ml (16 fl. oz.).

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